21st Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
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to the 21th annual
IEEE Canada Conference

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The Wonders of Technology May 4-7, 2008
Sheraton Fallsview
Niagara Falls
Ontario, Canada

CCECE 2008 Technical Program Committee

Technical Program Co-chairs

Alagan Anpalagan, Ryerson University
Robert Dony, University of Guelph

Symposia Chairs

Symposium on Biomedical Engineering
Chair: Karthi Umapathy, UHN-Toronto

Symposium on Communications and Networking
Chair: Murat Uysal, University of Waterloo
Co-chair: Ekram Hossain, University of Manitoba
Co-chair: Raed M. Shubair, Etisalat University College

Symposium on Circuits, Devices and Systems
Chair: Stefano Gregori, University of Guelph

Symposium on Computer Systems and Applications
Chair: Eddie Law, Ryerson University

Symposium on Control and Robotics
Chair: Kevyan Hashtrudi-Zaad, Queens University
Co-Chair: Gianluca Antonelli, University of Cassino
Co-Chair: Martin Guay, Queen's University
Co-Chair: Max Meng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co-Chair: Bahram Shafai, Northeastern University

Symposium on Power Electronics and Systems
Chair: Bin Wu, Ryerson University
Co-Chair: Bala Venkatesh, University of New Brunswick
Co-Chair: Richard Cheung, Ryerson University

Symposium on Emerging Areas
Chair: Shahram Shahbazpanahi, UOIT

Symposium on Signal and Multimedia Processing
Chair: Vijay Parsa, University of Western Ontario
Co-Chair: Robert Brennan, AMI Semiconductor
Co-Chair: Benoit Champagne, McGill University
Co-Chair: Sreeraman Rajan, DRDC-Ottawa
Co-Chair: Shahram Shirani, McMaster University

Technical Program Committee

Abdallah Shami, The University of Western Ontario
Adnan Kabbani, Ryerson University
Aleksandar Jeremic, McMaster University
Ali Ghrayeb, Concordia University
Alireza Sadeghian, Ryerson University
Amir Aghdam, Concordia University
Andy Ye, Ryerson University
Behcet Sarikaya, University of Montreal
Benoit Champagne, McGill University
Chadi Assi, Concordia University
Chakib Tadj, École de Technologie Supérieure
Chintha Tellambura, University of Alberta
Cungang Yang, Ryerson University
David Clausi, University of Waterloo
David Falconer, Carleton University
David Haccoun, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Dimitri Androutsos, Ryerson University
Emanuel Istrate, University of Toronto
Fei Richard Yu, Carleton University
Fei Yuan, Ryerson University
Filippo Arrichiello, University of Cassino
Gianluca Antonelli, University of Cassino
Gul Khan, Ryerson University
Hai Jiang, University of Alberta
Hakam Mheidat, University of Toronto
Hamed Rasouli, Ryerson University
Hanif Ladak, University of Western Ontario
Hassan Naser, Lakehead University
Il-Min Kim, Queen's University
Isaac Woungang, Ryerson University
Jacek Ilow, Dalhousie University
Jan Bajcsy, McGill University
Javad Alirezaie, Ryerson University
John Lodge, Communications Research Centre (CRC)
Julian Cheng, University of British Columbia
Kai (Alex) Qin, University of Waterloo
Jun Cai, University of Manitoba
Kandeepan Sithamparanathan, National ICT Australia
Karen Cheung, University of British Columbia
Ki-Dong Lee , LG Electronics Mobile Research
Kiruba Kirubarajan, McMaster University
Kumaravel Natesan, Anna University
Lev Kirischian, Ryerson University
Lian Zhao, Ryerson University
Lin Cai, University of Victoria
Long Le, University of Waterloo
Lutz Lampe, University of British Columbia
M. Jamel Deen, McMaster University
Mahinthan Veluppillai, University of Waterloo
Marcel Turcotte, University of Ottawa
Martin Bouchard, University of Ottawa
Martin Guay, Queen's University
Masoud Ardakani, University of Alberta
Matei Ripeanu, University of British Columbia
Mathini Sellathurai, Queen's University of Belfast
Max Meng, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mehmet Eskicioglu, University of Manitoba
Mehrdad Moallem, University of Western Ontario
Mieso Denko, University of Guelph
Mithulananthan Nadarajah, Asian Institute of Technology
Mohamed El-Tarhuni, American University of Sharjah
Muhammad Jaseemuddin, Ryerson University
Nadjet Kamel, University of Moncton
Nagi Mekhiel, Ryerson University
Nallanathan Arumugam, National University of Singapore
Nandana Rajatheva, Asian Institute of Technology
Nidal Nasser, University of Guelph
Naser Sadati, Sharif University of Technology
Olivia Das, Ryerson University
Patrick Mitran, University of Waterloo
Paul Ho, Simon Fraser University
Peter Graham, University of Manitoba
Peter Lehn, University of Toronto
Phillipe Kruchten, University of British Columbia
Prasanna R. M, Indian Institute of Technology
Raed Shubair, Etisalat University College
Ramakrishnan A. G., Indian Institute of Science
Robert Brennan, AMI Semiconductor
Rene Vidal, Johns Hopkins University
Robert Schober, University of British Columbia
Ruth Milman, UOIT
Saeed Gazor, Queen's University
Sajid Hussain, Acadia University
Sergio Freire, University of Toronto
Sergiy Vorobyov, University of Alberta
Serhat Erkucuk, University of British Columbia
Shahin Hashtrudi-Zaad, Concordia University
Shahin Sirouspour, McMaster University
Shahram Shirani, McMaster University
Shahram Yousefi, Queen's University
Shella Keilholz, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sing Yian Chew, Nanyang Technological University
Sofiene Affes, INRS - Centre Énergie, Materiaux et Télécommnunications
Sreeraman Rajan, DRDC-Ottawa
T. Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria
Teerawat Issariyakul, University of British Columbia
Teng Joon Lim, University of Toronto
Vadim Geurkov, Ryerson University
Vijay Sood, Hydro Québec
Vincent Wong, University of British Columbia
Wai Tung Ng, University of Toronto
Walaa Hamouda, Concordia University
Xue Dong Yang, University of Regina
Yevgen Biletskiy, University of New Brunswick
Zahra Moussavi, University of Manitoba
Zhiwei Huang, National University of Singapore

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