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"Future of Multimedia Communications"

Dr. Don Pearson
Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering,
University of Essex, UK

Kenote Speaker at the CCECE'97 Conference, May 26, 1997

Speaker's Biography: Don Pearson obtained his Ph.D. from Imperial College, University of London, in 1965. Thereafter he joined the Opto-Electronics Research Department at Bell Laboratories, N.J., USA. Here he was involved in research into the effects of noise in interframe video coding and the understanding of colour mixture in complex colour displays. He returned to England in 1969, taking a position on the staff of the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at the University of Essex at Colchester. He has been there since that time, apart from a sabbatical year in 1979-80, when he returned to Bell Laboratories as a consultant. He currently heads the Multimedia Research Group at Essex, which has 6 members of academic staff and some 25 research officers and students.

Professor Pearson has helped to organise over 40 international conferences and colloquia on various aspects of image and signal processing. His present research interests include super high definition image coding, very low bit-rate video coding including model-based coding, continuous assessment techniques for multimedia communication, and multimedia transmission over the Internet. Last year he and his colleagues won the A.H. Reeves premium award for the best paper published on digital coding in the Proceedings of the IEE (London).

University of Essex

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