Electricity - The Magic Medium
Published by IEEE Canadian Region, © copyright 1985

Table of Contents

Preface by Wallace S. Read
to 2000 Reprint
by W. Harry Prevey

Part One
Historical Highlights

Communication and Control
by Wallace S. Read

The Early Days
From Sea to Sea
The "All Red Line"
Words Without Wires
Reginald Aubrey Fessenden
The Voice of Radio
The Electronic Age
The Microwave
CNCP Telecommunications
Links With the World
Northern Telecom’s Digital World
Speech by Sunlight
The Computer
Electronics in Industry
Electronic Medicine
The Cobalt Bomb
The Pacemaker
The Electronic Media
The Space Age
The Satellites
The Canadarm
The Space Age Home

Electric Power in Canada
by Fred J. Kee

Prior to 100 Years Ago
Canada’s Early Ventures in Electric Power

Electric Utilities in Canada
by Fred J. Kee

Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick

British Columbia
Canadian Electrical Association (CEA)

The Electrical Manufacturing Industry
by Fred J. Kee

The Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada (EEMAC)

Part Two
Electrical Engineering and Technology Education

by Raymond D. Findlay

1854: The Teaching of Engineering in Canada Begins
Ecole Polytechnique: The Rise of Engineering Education in Quebec
Sir William Macdonald and His Legacy
University of New Brunswick and the Theory of Electricity
The School of Practical Science in Toronto
A Bench and Electric Motor and one or two Lathes
Students Give Their Own Cash for a New Buildings
Several Waveshapes and Frequencies - in 1899
The Baccalaureus In Arte Ingeniaria
Programs East and West
H.M. Tory and H.J. MacLeod and the Westward Movement
Marching Off to War
After World War I
The First French Language Programs in Electrical Engineering
The War and the Radio Schools
After World War II
General McNaughton and His Cathode Ray Direction Finder
Graduate Schools: an Expanding Universe
A Plethora of New Programs for the Computer Era
Women in Engineering
Of Graduates and Faculty
Canada’s First Institutes of Technology
Egerton Ryerson’s Legacay: A Technical College
A "Superior" Institute
Les Colleges d’Enseignment General et Professionel, les CEGEP
Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario
The Expanding Call for Technical Education
Technologists and Technicians: Part of the Engineering Team
What’s Coming?

Part Three
Past, Present and Future

by Dean Gordon R. Selmon

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