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AURUM - the Canadian Newsletter for IEEE GOLD

IEEE GOLD (Young Professionals)

IEEE is purely a technical society? We, the IEEE Young Professionals, tell you that's not true! This dynamic group promotes a well-balanced professional life and operates around the non-technical aspects of engineering: professionalism, personal development, community involvement.

gold gears - making things happen Particularly, the GOLD / Young Professionals group is:
- Brought Alive by Enthusiastic Volunteers
- Focusing on Young Professionals
- Serving All IEEE Members

Who run our activities?
Energetic recent graduates

Who are welcome to our activities?
EVERYONE! Any IEEE member regardless of member grade, friends and family. There is absolutely no restriction on who can come to our activities!

Who should volunteer?
Young professionals who want to bring life to the engineering community.
Senior professionals who want to share their experience with younger members and .... get a new perspective!

What kind of activities do we hold?
Activities and events of particular interests to young professionals. These include social events, company tours, seminars, mentorship programs, sports and technical competitions.

Why are we here?
To address personal and professional needs of recent graduates (networking, career development and exploration, personal management)
To provide young professionals with the opportunities to contribute to the engineering community and to develop their non-technical skills

Why be active in the community?
IEEE itself is a community for Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering professionals. Engineering is all about innovation to benefit the mankind. We need to pay attention to the world around us to see where our innovative abilities should take us to - create a better living environment and neighborhood for ourselves!

Get involved today! Explore where your profession can take you to! Professional development never stops in your career and here is the best place to start. Contact your local GOLD Chair or myself if you have questions or want to participate in our activities. Something that interests you likely interests other young professionals. Want to find out more about various fields of Electrical, Electronic, and Computer Engineering? Want to find out the latest trends of technological development? Need help in establishing professional connections elsewhere in the world or when moving out of town? Want to meet other young professionals across the nation or even the world? There is no other way better than getting involved with GOLD.

Canadian GOLD
GOLD Canada is working on forming GOLD Affinity Groups in various sections across Canada. To find out how to form a GOLD Affinity Group in your section go to this web page on IEEE GOLD web site. We have the following affinity groups in Canada.

  • Hamilton Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Section Affinity Group -
  • London Section Affinity Group -
  • Ottawa Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Toronto Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Montreal Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Northern Canada Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • North Saskatchewan Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Peterborough Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Saint-Maurice Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Southern Alberta Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Canadian Atlantic Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Vancouver Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Victoria Section Affinity Group - contact
  • Winnipeg Section Affinity Group web site - contact
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Section Affinity Group - contact
GOLD Resources
To help you run your GOLD program even better or to start up your own program, here are some useful resources.


The IEEE Winnipeg Section GOLD Committee has been selected as the 2003 recipient of the prestigious IEEE RAB (Regional Activities Board) Outstanding GOLD Program Award. The Committee was placed in nomination by Robert Dueck. This award consists of a cash prize of $500 and a plaque, which carries the following citation:

Outstanding GOLD Committee for the IEEE Winnipeg Section
"For outstanding contributions to the advancement of IEEE
by planning and promoting GOLD activities."

The IEEE Vancouver Section GOLD Committee has been selected as the 2004 recipient of Region 7 Outstanding GOLD Program Award. This award consists of a plaque, which carries the following citation:
IEEE Vancouver Section GOLD Affinity Group
"For developing a successful GOLD program that not only
fosters the personal and professional development of its members but also
strongly promotes networking and active member involvement."

Upcoming events

Questions or comments? - If you have any questions about GOLD or would like to get involved please contact , Canada GOLD chair, or the representative in your section.

The GOLD Committee
Chair -
Eastern Canada Rep - Open
Central Canada Rep - Open
Western Canada Rep - Open
Aurum Editor -

Useful links - IEEE GOLD, IEEE Canadian Foundation

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