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George Armitage Outstanding Student Branch Award

Nomination Deadline: May 15
Nomination Form

    This award, supported by IEEE Canada, is given to recognize extraordinary Student Branch achievements by Student members engaged in activities conforming to IEEE objectives and purposes. These would include, for example:
  • significantly improving the vitality of the Branch with regard to activities, mem-bership, or finances;
  • effective interaction of the Branch with the local Section or Region, or IEEE technical societies, e.g., seminars, conferences, S-PACs, S-PAVes;
  • community involvement that benefits the school and/or the community, the image of the IEEE, and the image of engineering in general.
While the Branch Counselor may have participated in these activities, the major initiative and effort must have come from the students. Even if a single achievement is deemed sufficient to justify the ward, there will normally be a number of events over a period of time. All IEEE Student Branches in Canada are eligible for consideration.
    The rules governing this award are:
  1. All nominations for this award shall be submitted by the Counselors of IEEE Student Branches in Canada.
  2. The nominations shall be made on the prescribed form (see link at top of page for PDF file) entitled "Nomination Form for the George Armitage Outstanding Student Branch Award".
  3. Nominations must be received by the Regional SAC Chair before May 15, for consideration in the current year.
  4. The selection of the award recipient (if any) shall be made by the Regional SAC Operating Committee.
  5. Except in the event of a tie, the SAC Operating Committee Chair shall not vote.
  6. The name of the Student Branch recom-mended by the SAC Operating Commit-tee as the award recipient shall be forwarded to the Regional Director by July 15. The final decision is to be made not later than August 15.
  7. It shall be the responsibility of the Regional SAC Chair to advise the Student Branch of their award.
  8. The presentation of the award will normally be made at one of the Fall Training Workshops, or at an IEEE Conference within the Region.
  9. The award will consist of a plaque and a cash prize of two hundred dollars ($200)
  10. The SAC Operating Committee may recommend that the name of an unsuccessful Student Branch candidature be considered without re-nomination for the Award in the following year.
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