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Biography of the late Ralph A. Hackbusch - Fellow - IEEE

Ralph A. Hackbusch was born in Hamilton, Ontario September 18, 1900. His schooling included courses at the Hamilton Technical Collegiate after which he apprenticed in power house electrical installation with the Canadian Westinghouse Company. By 1920 he was Manager of the Repair Division and later served as Assistant District Engineer until 1926, specializing in radio service, eventually becoming National Radio Service manager in 1927.

In 1927 he joined Kolster Radio Canadian Brands Ltd as Associate Radio Engineer and joined Stromberg-Carlson in 1930 in the capacity of Radio Engineer. He rose from this position through Chief Engineer, Factory Manager, Vice-President and eventually became General Manager in 1939. The Dept. of Munitions and Supply requisitioned him in 1940 to become Manager of the Radio Div. Of Research Enterprises Limited, a Crown company. Later he became Vice-President and ultimately Director of the Radio Division. After World War II, Mr. Hackbusch returned to Stromberg-Carlson and was elected President in 1945, which position he held until 1953 when he formed his own company, Hackbusch Electronics Limited, which later changed its name to Hackbusch Sales Limited.

From the inception of the Cdn Radio Technical Planning Board in 1943, Mr. Hackbusch held the position of Vice-President, later serving as President and becoming the General Technical Coordinator. Formerly he was the Director of Engineering for the Radio Manufacturers' Association of Canada, the Radio Electronics Television Manufacturers' Association and the Electronic Industries Association of Canada.

Ralph Hackbusch was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Radio Engineers (later to become IEEE) having served as Vice-President and Director of this international body from 1938 to 1946. He represented Canada at the International Electro-Technical Commission in Philadelphia and London in the early 50's. He was a Fellow of the Institution of Radio and Electronics Engineers of Australia and of the Radio Club of America. He was also a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario. During 1943 he was honoured by a citation and plaque from the Radio Industry of Canada for contribution to the technological war effort and was honoured by the Canadian Radio Technical Planning Board for his technical and advisory contributions towards the development of radio in Canada in 1956.

Ralph Hackbusch died on April 4, 1966.

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