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2009 Winners

First Place ($10,000):  - see photo

Authors: Jordan Heuser, Arjun Phull and Mark Storus

Project:  "Speech Synthesis though Gesture Recognition"

SchoolQueen's University

Second Place ($5000):

Authors: A. J. Moss, Andrew Wong and Yuanyuan Yin

Project:  "The dScrybe Digital Receipt System"

School: University of British Columbia

Third Place ($2000):

Authors: Andrew Steadman, Mike Ball, Ahmed Elnahas and Chris van Slyke

Project: "Foresight - Distributed Monitoring for a Forestry Environment"

School: University of Alberta

Runners Up ($500 each):


Authors: Alex Stuber, Adam Grabka and Jarrett Levesque

Project: "eFITS Electronic Fuel Injection Test System"

School: University of Saskatchewan,


Authors: Michael Blizman, Robewrt Childs and Denis Itoua

Project: "Autonomous Parallel Parking Vehicle"

School: Lakehead University


Authors: Chris Nichols, Dario Schor and Jane Polak-Scowcroft

Project: "A Command and Data Handling System for the Win-Cube Pico Satellite Mission"

School: University of Manitoba.


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