Make sure your technical article is in the format required by the rules and models and submit your technical article electronically by , following the IEEE format and rules that can be found in Authors Information.

The authorization statement should also be sent along with the proposed paper (click here to download).

Some useful guidelines for your paper acceptance are presented below:

  • Include the concept or technique related to the state-of-the-art which may improve the reader’s knowledge
  • Language: Spanish or Portuguese. An abstract in English must be included separately for indexing in IEEE databases. 

Papers in English should be submitted to existing IEEE Transactions. Notice that it is not the intention of this Transactions to compete with existing IEEE publications.

  • Number of pages: Preferably not more than 6 pages.
  • Text should be well structured and well elaborated, avoiding spelling errors.
  • Figures and Tables must be clear and with good quality.


January, 2010