Técnicas de Reconstrução de Pacotes Aplicadas a Codificadores de Forma de Onda para VoIP - Técnicas Propostas (Packets Reconstruction Proposals applied to Waveform Coding Techniques for VoIP Solution)

Moisés Vidal Ribeiro (moviribeiro@yahoo.com.br)

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Oct. 2003
Volume: 1,   Issue: 1 
ISSN: 1548-0992

This paper proposes new waveform reconstruction techniques derived from wavelet transform and multilayer perceptron neural networks to reconstruct the speech segments that were lost in a transmission through best effort networks, such as Internet based on IP protocol. Also, a voiced-unvoiced-silence (V-US) recognition technique based on mutilayer perceptron neural networks is presented. The use of this recognition technique enhances the performance of the proposed reconstruction since proper configurations of them are applied to each type of speech segments. The reported results reveal that the proposed reconstruction techniques outperform the previous one when the G.722.1 standard from ITU-T is considered as a speech coding technique of a VoIP solution.

Index Terms:
multimedia communication; speech communication; Internbet; interpolation; signal reconstruction; wavelet transform; neural network; digital signal processors   

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