IWPAAMS2007-06: Arquitectura Para La Gestión De Almacenamiento Web Distribuido Y Redundante Mediante Sistemas De Agentes Inteligentes Y Técnicas Emergentes (IWPAAMS2007-06: An Architecture For Management Of Distributed And Redundant Web Storage With Ingelligent Agent Systems And Emerging Techniques)

E. Torres (enrique.torres@upsam.net)1, O. Sanjuan (oscar.sanjuan@upsam.net)1, L. Joyanes (luis.joyanes@upsam.net)1, J. D. García (josedaniel.garcia@uc3m.es)2, R. González (ruben.gonzalez@upsam.net)1

1Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, España
2Universidad Carlos III, España

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Oct. 2008
Volume: 6,   Issue: 6 
ISSN: 1548-0992

The most usual solution in order to improve the performance of a Web server is based on building a distributed architecture, in which the web service is offered from a set of multiple nodes. The most widespread distributed architecture is the Web system based on cluster or switch Web. The switch Web is the responsible of deciding which of the nodes of the site must attend to each request. In this article a solution of storage based on dynamic partial replication and the architecture of this mechanism of distribution based on agents and emergent techniques are presented.

Index Terms:
Distributed computing, Computer network performance, Network servers, Cooperative systems   

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