Identificación de potenciales fuentes de acoplamiento de código en el repertorio x86 (Identifying potential coupling sources in the x86 instruction set)

Rafael Rico (, Virginia Escuder (, Miguel Ángel Quintans (

Universidad de Alcalá
This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: March 2010
Volume: 8,   Issue: 1 
ISSN: 1548-0992

Computer languages design is a fundamental subject in Computer Science and instruction sets are not an exception. Considering concurrency, and particularly superscalar processing, an important fact is to identify those characteristics of the instruction set architecture that may cause extra code coupling. Because of its current extended use, the x86 instruction set was chosen for analysis. We present a study of the use distribution of architectonic registers, including implicit usage, taken from execution traces of a test bench. Then we identify as potential coupling sources the implicit and dedicated use of certain registers, condition codes utilization and some mechanisms of effective memory address computation.

Index Terms:
instruction set architecture, instruction level parallelism   

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