Desarrollo de un modelo analítico que caracteriza el Fade Depth para canales UWB IEEE 802.15.4a (DEVELOPMENT OF AN ANALYTIC MODEL THAT CHARACTERIZES THE FADE DEPTH OF IEEE 802.15.4a UWB CHANNELS)

Julio Suárez (, Gonzalo Llano (, Gilma Hernández (

1Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
2Universidad Santo Tomás

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Sept. 2011
Volume: 9,   Issue: 5 
ISSN: 1548-0992

This article presents the development of an analytic model of variation of power or energy in function of the band width of the IEEE 802.15.4a UWB channel. This analytic model characterizes the fade depth of the channel UWB IEEE 802.15.4a, also shows that the power in the frequency domain of the UWB channel follows a Gamma statistical distribution. The overall results are obtained by simulation in Matlab®, validated by Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and calculating the mean square error. Finally the theoretical results are compared with measurement campaigns done by other authors.

Index Terms:
Ultra Wideband (UWB), Nakagami–m Fading, UWB Gamma Power, Fade Depth.   

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