Sistema de Detecção de Intrusão com Abordagem Baseada em Wavelets e Redes Neurais Artificiais para Redes de Computadores (Intrusion Detection System with Wavelet and Neural Artifical Network Approach for Networks Computers)

Ed Wilson Tavares Ferreira (, Gilberto Arantes Carrijo (, Ruy de Oliveira (, Nelcileno Virgilio de Souza Araújo (

1UFU - Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
2IFMT - Instituto Federal de Mato Grosso
3UFMT - Univisersidade Federal de Mato Grosso

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Sept. 2011
Volume: 9,   Issue: 5 
ISSN: 1548-0992

As the Internet has become an enormous interconnected network, the information security today is very important to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of computing resources. Advanced Intrusions Detections Systems IDS should be capable of identifying malicious actions that may compromise these guarantees, as quickly as possible. In this paper, we present a proposal for an IDS based on the wavelet and artificial neural network that is applied to the well know Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining KDD. The experiment showed high detection rate, suggesting that the approach is very promising.

Index Terms:
Intrusion Detection Systems IDS, network security, wavelet, artificial neural network   

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