Desarrollo y evaluación de módulos de presión y electrocardiografía embebidos en un Monitor Hemodinámico Cardíaco (Design and evaluation of pressure and electrocardiographic modules embedded in a Cardiac Hemodynamic Monitor)

Luis Pedro Córdoba (, María de los Ángeles Gómez López (, Carla Belén Goy (, Myriam C. Herrera (

Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Feb. 2013
Volume: 11,   Issue: 1 
ISSN: 1548-0992

This work presents the design and the implementation of a two-channels recording system and its adaptation to a FPGA-based acquisition system. The recorded signals are Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Intraventricular Pressure (IVP). Elements and circuits needed to incorporate the newly developed recording system to a previously developed FPGA-based Conductance Catheter System SCC are also presented. The result is a fully integrated system, in which the evaluation of each channel is carried out. ECG amplifier is evaluated by means of frequency response and common mode rejection ratio. Filter frequency response and two calibration methods, over 0-150 mmHg and 150-300 mmHg ranges, are used to evaluate PIV channel. Finally analogical to digital conversion and communication between two-channels recording system and FPGA-based acquisition system are tested. Satisfactory results are obtained.

Index Terms:
IPV, ECG, FPGA, Conductance Catheter System   

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