Cálculo de las Pérdidas por Reflexión en una Cámara Anecoica Pequeña (Calculation of Reflection Losses in a Small Anechoic Chamber)

José Francisco Herrera (jherrera@gdl.cinvestav.mx)1, Pablo Moreno (pmoreno@gdl.cinvestav.mx)1

1Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados Unidad Guadalajara

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: May 2015
Volume: 13,   Issue: 5 
ISSN: 1548-0992

In this work the numerical simulation of the electromagnetic behavior of a small anechoic chamber is presented. The aim of the research was to obtain reflection levels in the walls of the chamber under non-ideal conditions. The chamber is cube-shaped with sides of 50 cm, the interior surfaces of the walls are covered with ferrite whereas the exterior are made of aluminum. The numerical simulations were performed with the Finite Element commercial software High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS™). In order to generate the electromagnetic field inside the chamber half-wave electric dipoles were used.

Index Terms:
Anechoic chamber, ferrite absorbers, finite element method, reflection coefficient, reflection losses   

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