Avaliação de Usabilidade da Plataforma de Fiscalização dos Estabelecimentos de Saúde (Usability Evaluations of Health Institutions Inspection Software)

Thaiana Pereira dos Anjos (thaiananjos@gmail.com)1, Leila Amaral Gontijo (leila.gontijo@ufsc.br)1, Rafael Simões Vieira Guimarães (gestaoti@gbrsistemas.com.br)2, Gleidson Porto Batista (gleidson@portalmedico.org.br)3

1Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
2GBR Consultoria e Sistemas
3Conselho Federal de Medicina

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: March 2016
Volume: 14,   Issue: 3 
ISSN: 1548-0992

Dissatisfaction with health services is increasing year by year and health appears to be the worst area assessed by population. Technological innovation, such as the use of information technology and communication tools and computerization of processes, can assist in the implementation of technological resources that enable the improvement of health services. A solution developed primarily for the Regional Council of Medicine of Santa Catarina (CRM-SC) and then expanded to the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) - which is currently being used by all regional councils - is CRVirtual, a system that supports the activities undertaken by councils to assist in the health facilities inspection process. The system allows the inspection and monitoring of inspections carried out in hospitals, clinics, health centers among others, enabling verify which of these establishments are infringing the laws, resolutions and decrees enforced for good services to the population. This study aims to verify the improvement points in the system interface so that the survey carried out by agents and inspection doctors can be done with more quality in order to facilitate the monitoring of the inspection process and assessment notice the establishments where irregularities were detected. Empirical methods (with the participation of the system users) and not empirical (without the users participation) for the CRVirtual interface evaluation were: Heuristic evaluation and Usability Testing. It was identified 27 points of improvement in the system interface. The observed users' speeches and actions analysis, as well as the application of usability tests, showed that the system is relatively easy to be used and to learn through. Some difficulties faced have been identified, but users feel motivated to use the system and recognize its usefulness as an inspections registration facilitator and when monitoring processes, in addition to providing more flexibility to the establishments inspection process. After correcting these detected points, the system was used by agents and inspection doctors during the year 2014. The result of these inspections was an unprecedented survey of primary care situation in Brazil, where the 952 health facilities visited, CFM concluded, after analysis of data obtained through the CRVirtual, that the situation is worrying in all aspects.

Index Terms:
Usability, Inspection, Health, CRVirtual   

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