Parametrização de Relés Inteligentes SRW01 e Identificação de Ocorrência de Eventuais Falhas nas Operações de Acionamento e Desligamento de Motores Elétricos de Indução Trifásicos de Baixa Tensão (Parametrization of Intelligent Relays SRW01 and Identification of Occurrence of Possible Failures in Actuation and Shutdown Operations of Electric Low-voltage Three-phase Induction Motors)

Afonso José Barros Agra (

1Sergipe Gas S/A

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Sept. 2016
Volume: 14,   Issue: 9 
ISSN: 1548-0992

The aim of this paper is to present a microprocessed smart relays parameterization technique that act in the control of electric low-voltage three-phase induction motors (TIMs), in order to identify the occurrence of possible faults in actuation and shutdown operations. To develop the project, the main component selected was the Smart Relay WEG 01 (SRW01), manufactured by WEG SA. The experimental sample consisted of 24 TIMs, individually controlled 24 microprocessed smart relays. The proposed technique consists in classifying these devices' parameters into nine categories, treating its functionalities in a modular way, thus facilitating the manipulation of these attributes. The pre-operation methodology involves subjecting all 24 TIMs into 08 functional tests, which are 03 of actuation and 05 of shutdown, totalizing the execution of 192 operations. All procedures were performed in the "direct start" mode, running without load. It was recorded the occurrence of faults in 8.33% of the 192 realized functional tests, all caused by mechanical problems or lack of electrical contact. None of the identified failures were resulted by errors in the SRW01 parameterization, moreover, events such as communication faults with the HMI and alarms or trips as a consequence of the action of protections were also not detected. For future work, there is the prospect of applying the same technique in operations performed in the "reverse start" and "star-delta switch start" modes.

Index Terms:
Direct start, electric low-voltage three-phase induction motors, fault diagnosis, microprocessed smart relays, parameterization technique, Smart Relay WEG 01 (SRW01).   

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