Análisis de Estabilidad de Tensión y Pérdidas Eléctricas de Potencia en Redes de Distribución con Generación Distribuida (Analysis of Stability of Tension and Losses of Electric Power in Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation)

Franklin Andrés Castillo Muñoz (, Alexander Aguila Téllez (, Jorge Wilson González Sánchez (

1Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
2Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Nov. 2016
Volume: 14,   Issue: 11 
ISSN: 1548-0992

This document intends to develop a study on tension analysis considering renewable or non-conventional energy for implementing distributed generation (DG), as a solution to the problem generated in the electrical power system (EPS) due to disturbances that affect it. One of the problems is the lack of active power supplied to the system, which is compensated by the inclusion of distributed generation; otherwise it is considered the instability criterion harming the system itself and the consumer receiving the service. Based on the study of voltage stability, a radial system of 9 bars was established, in which sources of distributed generation were implemented and the effects that occurred in low, medium and high impact were analyzed. The analysis was developed with the help of literary sources as a basis for the study, which were applied in the ETAP software, allowing us to establish the characteristics of the system by performing simulations in the power flow in various scenarios. The method of analysis allowed to establish margins and rates of voltage stability by varying the active power supplied by the EPS, so that the relation between the voltage and the power made possible to determine the characteristics of the system, setting the system operation under normal operating limits. The operating conditions in the EPS are some of the limitations that nullify the idea of introducing a system with DG, since the system as such does not have the capacity to install generation centers in the system randomly. For this, we included studies on the analysis of an optimal location to find the proper implementation of DG in the EPS. The results obtained were optimized using the GAMS software assessing the cost functions, which allowed us to analyze the importance of the implementation of DG in technical and economic aspects of the distribution system.

Index Terms:
distributed generation, distribution networks, voltage stability, optimization, loses reduction   

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