Optimización de Potencia Reactiva del Sistema Eléctrico en base a la minimización de pérdidas (Reactive Power Optimization of the Electric System based on Minimization of Losses)

Diego Chávez (diego.chavez@regulacionelectrica.gob.ec)1, Santiago Espinosa (sespinosa@ups.edu.ec)2, Diego Arias Cazco (darias@ups.edu.ec)2

1Agencia de Regulación y Control de Electricidad
2Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: Nov. 2016
Volume: 14,   Issue: 11 
ISSN: 1548-0992

The present article aims to develop a mathematical model that may help solve the problem Optimizing Flow Power (OPF) associate at minimizing losses and cost, to the effect will be considered in study Application of Nonlinear Programming Optimization. The solution of the posed problem, involve an adequate distribution of reactive power on the power system, thus supporting a normal levels keep the voltages at the centers load transfer capacity increase in transmission systems, techniques reduce losses originated in the network and better manage way risk for voltage collapse. The method is tested using a simplified model of the Ecuadorian electrical system, in which reactive power losses and costs are analyzed. The results of the optimization problem compared to the simulation based simulated with software DIgSILENT case.

Index Terms:
Reactive Power Losses, Loss Techniques and Flows of Power, Optimization, OPF   

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