Tramea, una herramienta de soporte al desarrollo de Trabajos Fin de Grado. Evaluación de usabilidad (Tramea, a tool to support the development of Final Year Projects. Usability evaluation)

Mikel Villamañe (, Ainhoa Alvarez (, Mikel Larrañaga (, Begoña Ferrero (

1Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU
2Escuela de Ingeniería de Bilbao, Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU

This paper appears in: Revista IEEE América Latina

Publication Date: April 2017
Volume: 15,   Issue: 4 
ISSN: 1548-0992

Carrying out and monitoring Final Year Projects are challenging processes for all the actors involved: lecturers and students. Those projects exhibit problems regarding their evaluation, supervision and the lack of appropriate communication channels between the actors. The use of information and communication technologies can help to overcome those problems. This paper presents TraMeA, a system developed to support both lecturers and students and lighten the problems mentioned above. The usability evaluation conducted on the tool and its results are also described.

Index Terms:
Usability evaluation, educative software, Final Year Project   

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