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Sections Congress 2011 - Generation of 4 recommendations

Dear members of the R9 Regional Committee,

Every 3 years, Sections Congress brings together the IEEE’s geographic unit leaders so they can share ideas, concerns and solutions. Section Congress offers a forum at which Section Chairs and other leaders are able to voice their opinions and concerns, generating recommendations that will be submitted to the IEEE MGA Board for action. The SC2011 Recommendation attendees will be asked to make a commitment & participant in developing solutions to the recommendations.

Each Region may submit up to 4 recommendations which have been generated based on discussions by the Section representatives within their region. The recommendations should focus on “long term” and “global” issues, supporting MGA Goal and/or Strategies in regard to improving membership value, member engagement and/or the volunteer experience.

On Friday April 8 we will address the main SC2011 issues, and conduct a special session to generate the 4 R9 recommendations

Time scheduled Topic meeting chairman and participants
10:45 – 11:00h Section Congress 2011 (San Francisco, USA - August 19-22) Norberto Lerendegui R9 Section Congress Coordinator
11:00 - 12:00h Generation of 4 recommendations to be disclosed during the Section Congress 2011 Cecelia Jankowski IEEE MGA Managing Director-Norberto Lerendegui R9 Section Congress Coordinator All R9 attendees

[*]The recommendation generation process during RR2011 will be the following:

Friday April 8 11:00-12:00

  1. Six working groups will be formed to generate 2 preliminary recommendations per group. These groups are associated to the following categories;
    • Business Financial/ Operations
    • IT Operations
    • Member Benefits
    • Member Growth and Development
    • Membership / Recruitment / Retention
    • Public Awareness & New Technology
  2. The members of the Regional Committee are invited to join one of these groups to propose and discuss recommendations. In case a category does not match the nature of the proposal, the closer group has to be chosen. Each group will have one coordinator responsible to moderate the discussions and control the allocated time.
  3. The preliminary recommendations must be written in English and fit the template attached (SC2011 – Recommendation Template -. 2011-01.dooc).
  4. At noon, the R9 Sections Coordinator will collect the 12 (twelve) preliminary recommendations, that will be reviewed by Cecilia Jankowsky (MGA Managing Director) and the R9 Executive Committee to check length, consistency and format. After this revision, the preliminary recommendations will be distributed among the R9 primary delegates.
  5. Cecelia Jankowski (MGA Managing Director) and Norberto Lerendegui (R9 Sections Congress Coordinator) will assist the groups to generate unique recommendations.

Saturday April 9 10:30-11:30 Plenary Session

  1. The R9 Regional Committee (Executive, Section and Council chairs, Standing Regional Committee chairs) members will be asked select their top four (4) recommendations.
  2. The top 4 recommendations will be submitted to the Sections Congress Program Committee ( (due date: 15 May 2011).

[*]The process after the RR2011 meeting will be the following:

  1. The recommendations submitted by all regions will be reviewed by the MGA Operations Committee for clarity and duplication.
  2. The MGA Operations Committee, after consultation with the submitters may combine similar recommendations and/or recommend clarifying language.
  3. The MGA Operations Committee, after consultation with the submitters may combine similar recommendations and/or recommend clarifying language.
  4. Once submitted, the recommendation becomes the property of the Sections Congress Program Committee.
  5. Back up material concerning the issue addressed in the recommendation will be coordinated prior to Sections Congress.
  6. All recommendation will be distributed to SC2011 attendees by 1 August 2011.
  7. The recommendations will be categorized and all SC2011 attendees will be assigned an issue caucus to discuss the merits of the recommendations in San Francisco. Following this discussion, all SC2011 attendees will be asked select their top five (5) recommendations.
  8. Based on the feedback from SC2011 attendees, the top 20 recommendations will be prioritized by Primary Section Delegates on Monday (22 August). The top 5 recommendations will be included as part of the MGA Project list for 2011 & beyond. The remaining recommendations will be reported as a pool.
  9. SC2011 participants will be encouraged to assist in developing solutions to the SC2011 recommendations.

We strongly suggest going through the attached examples and generate proposals to discuss on coming Friday. If you already have figured out a proposal, please, send it to me via email using the attached template format. We remind you that we may think locally, but we must act globally.

Documentos Importantes para la RR2011

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