IIEE-IEEE Student Branch Annual Student Seminar
and Projects’ Exhibition

"e-indus 2006"
11th March 2006  @ Auditorium Of IIEE



Papers will be scheduled in twenty-five-minute increments.  A half-hour “lunch and prayer break” and “tea break” will be included after the first and second technical sessions respectively.  There will be three technical sessions in all on the seminar day. At the end of each technical session, there will be a twenty-minute Question and Answer Session.

To permit seminar attendees to attend the presentation of their choice, each paper presentation must be started at its designated time. A paper’s starting time will be listed in the final program that will be issued to the registered attendees prior to the Event Day and will also be listed in the technical program schedule that is to be posted on the event web site.  No changes to the final schedule are allowed.  If a paper presenter fails to appear at the scheduled time, then the Session Chair may carry on with a discussion of his or her choosing or adjourn the session until the time of the next scheduled paper.

Session Chairs will allow 5 minutes at the end of each presentation for presenters to leave the stage and for the next to come on stage and settle on dice.  At the beginning of each presentation, the Session Chair briefly introduces the speaker and gives the speaker 20 minutes to complete his or her presentation.

The visual medium for the paper presentations at this Seminar will be Multimedia Slide Projectors.  Computer assisted presentations will be supported. Overhead transparencies’ projectors will not be available unless the program committee is informed about it in advance.

If during the presentation of your paper you are not willing to manage slides through remote control by yourself, please provide a seated, knowledgeable assistant who can manage the slides from the projector without prompting from the presenter.


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