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IEEE Circuits & Systems Society, Dallas Chapter (CAS Dallas)

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Statement of Field of Interest

Circuit theory, analysis, design (computer aided design), practical implementation, and the application of circuit theoretical techniques to systems and to signal processing. The coverage of this field spans the spectrum of activities from basic scientific theory to industrial applications.

Upcoming events

2017 IEEE Dallas Circuits and Systems Conference
Conference details will be announced soon.
Dallas, U.S.A.

Officers for 2017 calendar year:

  • Chair: Terence Blake, TI (ret.)
  • Vice Chair: Arjun Rajagopal, TI
  • Secretary: Sungyong Jung, UT Arlington
  • Treasurer: Saqib Malik, TI
  • Meetings Chair: Rama Venkatasubramanian, TI
  • UTDallas Liaison : Andrew Marshall, UTD
  • SMU Liaison : Ping Gui, SMU
  • UTArlington Liaison : Sungyong Jung, UTA
  • Webmaster : Sameer Arora, UTD

  • Past Chairs (2016): Terence Blake, TI (ret.)
  • Past Chairs (2015): Rama Venkatasubramanian, TI
Terence Blake,
IEEE Dallas Circuits and Systems Chapter Chair

Our chapter is very active year round. The chapter holds 7-8 monthly technical seminars by local experts and an annual 2-day workshop attended mostly by local technical community with some international participation. The IEEE DCAS 2014 conference hosted in UTD in Oct, 2014 and IEEE DCAS 2015 conference hosted in SMU in Oct, 2015 were a grand success. We need enthusiastic volunteers willing to spend time to organize monthly seminars, attend one administrative meeting per month, and take up an active role in organizing the annual workshop.

To get the details on 2016 & earlier events (with presentation slides), please click on Past Events in the left menu.

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