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Sunday, Oct. 29, 2006
Monday, Oct. 30, 2006

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Technical Program

Monday October 30, 2006

7:30-8:20 AM Poster Setup
8:20 AM Opening Remarks
8:30 AM Keynote Address: Short Distance Wireless
Prof. Jan Rabaey
University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
9:40 AM Invited Talk 1: Mixed-Domain Signal Processing
Prof. Yannis Tsividis
Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.
11:00 AM Invited Talk 2: Cellular Handset Integration
Dr. Bill Krenik
Texas Instruments, Dallas, U.S.A.
12:10 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Invited Talk 3: Digitally Assisted Analog Circuits
Prof. Boris Murmann
Stanford University, U.S.A.
3:00 PM Break
3:20 PM Invited Talk 4: Reversible Computing & Truly Adiabatic Circuits: The Next Challenge for Digital Engineering
Prof. Michael Frank
Florida State University, U.S.A.
  Monday Posters
  Reliable Interconnect Grid for Ultra Deep Submicron
Ali Namazi, M. Nourani, M. Saquib
University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, U.S.A.
  A Technique for Device Stress Relief in CMOS Class-E RF Power Amplifiers
Xin Wang, Chih-Kai Kang, Ranjit Gharpurey
University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.
  All-Digital PLL with Variable Loop Type Characteristics
R. Bogdan Staszewski, John Wallberg and Poras T. Balsara*
Texas Instruments, Dallas, U.S.A., *University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, U.S.A.
  Random Sampling for Analog-to-Information Conversion of Wideband Signals
Jason Lasko, Sami Kirolos, Yehia Massoud, Richard Baraniuk
Rice University, Houston, U.S.A.
  Ring Oscillator Performance and Parasitic Extraction Simulation in FinFET Technology
Mak Kulkarni, Andrew Marshall, C. Rinn Cleavelin, Weize Xiong, Christian Pacha*,
Klaus von Armin*, Thomas Schulz*, Klaus Schruefer*, Paul Patruno**
Texas Instruments, Dallas, U.S.A., *Infineon Technologies AG, Germany, **SOITEC S.A., France
  Boolean Function Matching using Walsh Spectral Decision Diagrams
Jason Moore, Kenneth Fazel, Mitchell Thornton, D. Michael Miller*
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, U.S.A, *University of Victoria, Canada
  Supply Voltage Adaptive Low-Power Circuit Design
Sami Kirolos, Yehia Massoud
Rice University, Houston, U.S.A.
  Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer- A Novel Approach
Xiao Pu, Axel Thomsen*
University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A., *Silicon Laboratories, Austin, U.S.A.
  Spur-Free Fractional-N PLL Utilizing Precision Frequency and Phase Selection
Erkan Bilhan, Feng Ying, Jason Meiners, Liming Xiu
Texas Instruments, Dallas, U.S.A.
  Complete Formal Verification of Multi Core Embedded Systems Using Bounded Model Checking
Ulrich Kuehne, Daniel Grosse, Rolf Drechsler
University of Bremen, Germany


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