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The Morton Antler Lecture is an annual lecture given at the IEEE Holm Conference on a topic of special interest to the electrical contact community.  This lecture series was established in honor of Dr. Morton Antler, a long time member of the Holm Steering Committee and participant in the Holm Conference.  Dr. Antler was a distinguished scientist and lecturer in the fields of electrical contacts, tribology, corrosion, and electrodeposition.  A list of past awardees is as follows:


2016   P.G. Slade, "50 Years of the Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts 1967 - 2016 "

2015   J. Ph. Tock, "The Large Hadron Collider splices: A dive into the heart of the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator "

 2014   John Yurtin, “So …. What's All This Wireless Power Transfer Stuff About Anyway??"

2013   Robert L. Devaney, “Chaos Games and Fractal Images”

2012   Markus J. Buehler, “Computational Materials Science – From Atoms to Structures”

2011     Mark Anderson, “Modern Design of Experiments (DOC) – 75 years of Advancements in Multifactor Test Methods”

2010    Pete Theisen, “Emerging Renewable Energy and Storage Applications Demand Modern DC Switching Technologies for Control and Protection”

2009    Frank Mucklick, “Nanotomography of Electrical Contacts – New Insights by High Resolution 3D Analysis of Local Material Degradation”

2008    T. Schoepf, “Interplay Between Electromechanical and Solid State Switching Technologies for Meeting Cost, Sustainability, and Safety Demands of Various Applications”

2007     J.V.R. Heberlein, “Characterization of the Dynamic Arc-Anode Interaction and Plasma Deposition of nanocomposites to Tailor material s Properties”

2006     W. Johler, “The Design Challenges Involved in Miniaturization of Electromechanical Relays”

2005     J. A. Wafer, “The Evolution of Arc Fault Circuit Interruption”

2004     R. S. Mroczkowski, “A Perspective on Connector Reliability”

2003     N. L. Traub, “42 Volt Challenges: Technical Potholes on the Highway to Success”

2002     W. H. Abbott, “The Role of Electroplating in Contact Reliability”



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