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Holm Conference on
Electrical Contacts

Paul & Dee-Dee Slade Young Investigators Award

The objective of the Paul and Dee-Dee Slade Young Investigator Award is to recognize outstanding achievement of young investigators in the field of Electrical Contacts and to encourage young scientists and engineers to enter this field.  To be eligible for the Award, the candidate must: (1) Be under the age of 35 as of the closing date of the conference; (2) Present a paper at the Conference in which he or she is either the sole author or the first author of a multi-author paper. 


The Previous Awardees have been:


2016   Chongpu Zhai,– University of Sydney Stress-dependent Frequency Response of Conductive Granular Materials" Co-authors Dorian Hanaor, Gwénaëlle Proust, and Yixiang Gan

2015   Michael Gatzsche  Technische Universität DresdenValidity of the Voltage-Temperature Relation for Contact Elements in High Power Applications" Co-authors N. Lucke, S. Gromann, T. Kufner, and G. Freudiger


2014   Houenouvo Hermann Technische Universität DresdenDiagnostics of the Transmission Properties of the Slip Ring System  in Doubly Fed Induction Generators


2013   Daniele Sette, CEA, LETI, France, Study of the Electrical Contact in a Fully Inkjet Printed Membrane Switch, Co-authors C. Poulain,  A. Yakoub, M. Saadaoui, B. Dubois, and A. Blayo,


2012   David Mercier, CEA - LETI, France, Quantitative Evolution of Electrical Contact Resistance Between Aluminum Thin Films, Co-authors V. Mandrillon, A. Holtz, F. Volpi, M. Verdier, and Y. Brechet


2011   Erika Crandall, Auburn University, “Whisker Growth Under Controlled Humidity Exposure”. Co-authors G. Flowers, P. Lall, and M. Bozack




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