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In memory of Morton Antler

Dr. Antler has spent a life time serving the electrical contacts community.  He has been a great teacher and a good friend to many Holm conference participants.  He  received the 1989 Holm Conference Armington Reconginition Award for his continuous service to the conference, and the 1980 Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Award for his outstanding research.  He has also been a regular lecturer of the intensive course on electrical contacts.  Mort deceased in January 1999.  

Dr. Antler has received many honors for his contact-related research including the Henry J. Albert Award of the International Precious Metals Institute (1989), an Award of Merit (1988) from the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Scientific Achievement Award (1987) and the Precious Metal Plating Awards (1970 and 1967) of the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, an Engineering Recognition Award (1987) and the Distinguished Technical Staff Award (1982) from AT&T Bell Laboratories, the Ragnar Holm Scientific Achievement Award (1980) from the Holm Conference Organization, the Recognition Award (1975) of the International Institute of Connector and interconnection Technology, Inc., and the Alfred E. Hunt Memorial Award (1970) of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. He is member of many professional, technical, and honorary societies, and is a past Chairman and currently the U.S.A. representative to the Advisory Committee of the international Conferences on Electric Contacts.

Dr. Antler has served continuously in various capacities since 1969 on the Holm Conference Steering and Program Committees. He has been a frequent author, workshop organizer, paper review coordinator, and a past member of the awards committee. From 1972-1982, he was Conference Co-Chairman or its Associate Director. In addition, he has been a member of, and since 1981 the Chairman of, the IEEE-CHMT Society Technical Committee (TC-1) on Electric Contacts. In 1985, following the retirement of Prof. R.F. Armington, Director of the Holm Conference, TC-1 became the sponsor of this conference and its associated activities. Dr. Antler is a member of the Holm Conference Operating Committee, and since 1983, a guest lecturer in the CHMT Society Intensive Course on Electrical Contacts.

Dr. Antler is a Fellow of IEEE and of the American Society for Testing and Materials and is listed in Who's Who in America.