IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 26, 2000

4:30 PM

Holiday Inn Chicago City Center, Chicago IL

Chair: G. Witter


Secretary: C. Leung


Holm Conference Attendees

Opening: G. Witter

  • TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman G. Witter. The minutes are recorded as follows.
  • 1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - G. Witter

  • 1999 meeting minute has been posted at web page since November 1999. It was approved. Attendance list was circulated to capture new members.
  • 2. Preliminary Report on IEEE-Holm Conference - Bob Malucci

  • Total registration to date is 115, which is about average. Comparison of pre-registration with past attendees helped as a reminder to get more last minute registration. Power Point presentation with LCD projector went very well and has high quality visual display. We will encourage future communication with TC1 members by e-mail to reduce printing cost and make information more current. People should view TC1 web page frequently for latest information on various TC1 activities.
  • 3. Report on 2000 Intensive Course on Electrical Contact - Paul Slade

  • The 2000 course was held in Montreal in June 12-16, 2000 at the Wybdham. 39 students attended when 40 is the maximum the course facilities was planned. This was an exception turn out. There was a lot of interaction amoung students and between students and instructors. 63% of the students are through referrals by colleagues who have attended the class before. Now the mailing list includes the previous 2-yr attendee as referral.
  • The 2001 course will be in Pittsburgh June 10 to June 14, 2001. There was suggestion from John McBride if registration fee can be reduced for graduate students. The current fee is about $900. The course will take that into consideration.
  • 4. Report on CPMT Transaction – J. McBride (Associate Editor)

  • The review of 1999 is complete and published. CPMT transaction March 2000 issue had 3 Holm conference papers and June issue has 13. The review procedures are explained to the audience.
  • 5. World Calendar

  • Announcement of the the 2002 Internation Conference on Electric Contacat in Zurich - W. Johler
    The conference is September 9-12, 2002. See for information. It was suggested that the author notification be moved to Feb 15, 2002 inorder to give authors more time to prepare for paper.
  • China Activities - Y. L. Zhou
    Y. L. Zhou from Beijing University of Posts & Teleommunication reported about activities in China under Professor J. G. Zhang. She also expressed her appreciation for participating in the Holm Conference.
  • German National Conference on Contact Behavior and Switching, Karlsruhe, Germany
    9/24/2001 to 9/27/2001
  • 5. Defining TC1 and Holm Conference Technology Scope

  • Task Group 11 formed with Roland Timsit, Bob Malucci, Phil Wingert (Chair), Thomas Schoeph. The task group is to solicit ideas from TC1 members to help guide the future directions of TC1 and recommend directions for the Holm Conference.
  • 6. TG2 (standards) removed for lack of interest in forming any standards in addition to the ASTM, IEC, etc.

    7. TG3 - establish links on web page with NARM, IICIT and ICEC.

    8. TG-9 Electrical Contact Text Book - P. Slade

  • Book sales is doing well and first printing is almost all sold. Anyone finding errors in the book please let Paul Slade know. He is preparing for second printing of the book..
  • Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 9/2/2001