IEEE-CPMT Society TC-1 Committee on Electrical Contacts

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

4:30 PM

DoubleTree Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA

Chair: G. Witter

Vice-Chair: G. Horn

Secretary: C. Leung


E. Hetzmannseder, P. Slade, S. Noel, F. Paelinck, P. Van Dijk, Ji-Gao Zhang, D. Ron Liu, W. Chen, Takahi Ueno, Z. Chen, Hohn McBride, Steve Cole, John Shea, Werner Johler, Ed Smith, J. Swingler, Pat Lees, Kevin Klungtuech, Henry Czajkowski, Rich Lowe, Xin Zhou, K. Sawa, T. Tamai, N. Minoura, W. Rieder, M. Lindmayer, G. Witter, Chi Leung

Opening: G. Witter

  • TC-1 of IEEE-CPMT meeting was called to order by Chairman G. Witter. The minutes are recorded as follows.
  • 1. Approval of minutes of previous meeting - G. Witter

  • 1998 meeting minute has been posted at web page since November 1998. It was approved. Attendance list was circulated to capture new members.
  • 2. Preliminary Report on IEEE-Holm Conference - Bob Malucci

  • Total registration to date is 114, which is about average. This is represented by 74 from US, 6 from Canada, 34 from overseas. Technical program is good with 2 tutorials and 31 papers, but regretfully with 4 papers not presented by authors.

    The overall visual presentation quality has improved with overhead projectors and computer projectors available.

  • 3. Report on 1998 Intensive Course on Electrical Contact - Paul Slade

  • The 1999 course was held in Milwaukee. 27 attended with a consensus that there is a tremendous need for new generation of engineers to learn the contact fundamentals. Personal solicitation is a good way to inform others of the course besides mail distribution. Mort Antler's usual tutorial was handled by W. Abbott (tribology, corrosion, plating corrosion) and P. Slade (material). There was 4 days of intensive lectures. The new book "Electrical Contacts - Principles and Applications" was used plus viewgraphs of lecture material. The book will be useful reference for the students for a long time. The Yr 2000 course will be in Montreal, tentatively June 12.. Class brochure will be available in Feb. 2000.
    Discussions: course is good for practicing professionals in the design of switches, relays, connectors. Material suppliers can help to publicize the course with viewgraphs from IEEE.
  • 4. Report on CPMT Transaction – J. McBride (Associate Editor)

  • The review of 1998 papers is complete. 10 were already published in March 1999 issue. 7 more will go to print soon. The 1999 Holm paper reviews are progressing more on schedule for CPMT publication. We can request ICEC (International Conference on Electric Contacts) to recommend selective papers for review and publication in CPMT transaction. Traditionally, individual authors submit ICEC papers to CPMT for publication. CPMT publication standards are high and peer reviews are considered valuable. (e.g. Chinese universities regard publication in CPMT as acceptable for thesis).
  • 5a. TG-1 World Calendar – G. Witter

  • no new activities, WWW can get calendar of events efficiently.
  • 5b. TG-2 Standards - B. Malucci

  • Nothing to report from past year. Anyone interested in standards please contact Bob.
  • 5c. TG-8 Inter Society Liaison - C. Leung

  • IICIT – P. Lees reported October Conference in Anaheim Ca.. There is a decline in participation with about 8-12 papers of interest to Holm participants. There were 26 shows (no connector manufacturers partly due to consolidation of manufacturers)
  • 5d. TG-9 Electrical Contact Text Book - P. Slade

  • Very good news!!! Book is complete and published. A round of applause to Paul Slade and the contributing authors.
  • 5e. TG-10 Index & CD ROM Approach Trial Results - G. Witter

    6. New Business – G. Witter

    Respectfully submitted, Chi Leung, 11/5/1999