Invited Talks
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Koji Sakui
High Speed, Low Power, and Ultra-small Operating Platform by Three-dimensional Integration (3DI) by Bumpless Interconnects
Bipin Rajendran
New Jersey Insitute of Technology
Building next-generation AI systems: Co-optimization of Algorithms, Architectures, and Nanoscale Memristive Devices
Takumi Mikawa
Neuromorphic computing based on Analog ReRAM as low power consumption solution for edge application
Steve S. Chung
Embedded Resistive Switching Non-volatile Memory Technology for 28nm and Beyond High-k Metal-gate Generations
Cristian Zambelli
University of Ferrara
Reliability challenges in 3D NAND Flash memories
Huqiang Wu
Tsuinghua Univ.
Intelligent Computing with RRAM
Kevin Garello
Spin Orbit Torque MRAM for ultrafast embedded memories: from fundamentals to large scale technology integration
TP. Ma
Yale Univ.
Retention and Endurance of FeFET Memory Cells
Wenliang Chen
AP Memory
Selector-Free 3D Array Architecture based on Ferroelectric MFM capacitors
Martin Salinga
RWTH Aachen
Single-element phase change memory
Paola Zuliani
ST Microelectronic
High Temperature challenge for PCM solution as enabler for a wide applications spectrum
Koji Nii
Floadia Corporation
Ultra-low Standby Power Embedded SRAM Design Techniques for Smart IoT Applications

Quantum Computing [Chair: Louis Hutin]
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Louis Hutin
CEA-Leti, Grenoble, France
From Silicon CMOS technology to spin qubits
Nico Hendrickx
QuTech, Delft, Netherlands
A semiconductor approach for scalable quantum computation
Eyob Sete
Rigetti Computing, Berkeley, USA
Quantum computing with superconducting processors

In-Memory Computing [Chair: Qiangfei Xia]
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Onur Mutlu
ETH Zurich
Processing Data Where It Makes Sense in Modern Computing Systems: Enabling In-Memory Computation
Qiangfei Xia
University of Massachusetts
In-Memory Computing with Emerging Memories
Jaydeep Kulkarni
The University of Texas at Austin
Circuit Technologies for Efficient In-Memory Computing