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IVEC Summary, Session 17, Cathodes 
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Session chairperson: Edwin Wintucky
Summary author: Monica Blank

The session opened with talk describing measurements of the emission and work function uniformity of large thermionic cathodes, presented by C. Fortang from Los Alamos National Laboratory. A sophisticated test facility was developed and used in the analysis of 6.5 inch and 8 inch diameter cathodes for 2 kA and 4 kA Pierce-type electron guns. Next T. Grant from CPI presented an improved life prediction model for barium calcium aluminate impregnated tungsten cathodes. Predictions from the model, which is valid for both M-type and B-type cathodes, are consistent with previously presented experimental data. In the third talk of the session, R. Longo described the Boeing EDD integrated cathode test facility, which includes the capabilities for Auger surface analysis, cathode activity tests, cathode current stability tests, barium evaporation rate measurements, and analysis of robustness to poisons. S. Gold from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center described a method for the evaluation of cathodes for high-power pulsed and CW klystron electron guns at low voltage and low duty. In the fifth talk of the session, K. Jensen presented a summary of theoretical work carried out at the University of Maryland on a generalized current density model for field, thermal and photo-emission. This general theory, which is more realistic in certain regimes than the Fowler Nordheim model or the RLD model, can be applied to photocathodes producing high-brightness beams for free electron lasers. In the final talk of the session, J. Tartar from Semicon Associates described recent work on the design and evaluation of fast warm dispenser cathodes for TWT applications.

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