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IVEC Summary, Session 21, Noise 
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Session chairperson and summary author: Yue-Ying Lau

Yehuda Goren of Teledyne reported phase noise reduction in a TWT, by up to 10dB, employing a feedback circuit and utilizing the TWT as a fast response phase shifter and a fast response variable-gain amplifier. K. B. Mitsdarffer of NSWCC (Crane) compared the accuracy of various pulsed measurements of the output phase in a PPM focused, coupled-cavity TWT. The measurement techniques included vector network analyzer, vector demodulator, microwave component analyzer, and an intermediate frequency technique. A. Choffrut of U of Wisconsin (Madison) studied the out-of-band emission due to imperfect components and amplifier mismatch in the LINC (Linear Amplification with Nonlinear Component) approach on TWT, and found that this approach greatly relaxes the demand on the linearity of the amplifier. Dean Thelen (TSC and NSWCC, Crane) reported on the attempts to reduce the ion noise and body current in a continuous wave TWT sample, primarily with a modified design that lowers beam scalloping and lowers potential barriers to ion flow. Bill Tighe of Boeing EDD reported on the identification of the jitter mechanism on TWT in terms of the trapped and untrapped ions in specific locations in the tube, and addressed the need for jitter reduction in advanced communication techniques.

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