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IVEC 2002 Program 

The complete IVEC 2002 program should go in the mail by the March 1 and is now available here:

  IVEC 2002 Advance Program (117K PDF)

For a quick look at specific pages, click on the links below.

  Conference at a Glance (or get 8K PDF version)

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Tuesday, April 23
   8:00am:  Plenary
   1:30pm:  Code Apps I, Sources I, Materials I
   3:30pm:  TWT I, Sources II, Vac. Microelec.

Wednesday, April 24
   8:00am:  Code Dev I, Fast-Wave I
   8:00am:  Posters I
   10:10am:  Code Dev II
   1:30pm:  Guns I, TWT II
   1:30pm:  Posters II
   3:30pm:  Collectors

Thursday, April 25
   8:00am:  Klystrons I, Guns II, IMD I
   10:10am:  Klystrons II, Cathodes, IMD II
   1:30pm:  Klystrons III, Gyrotrons, Noise
   3:30pm:  TWT III, Fast-Wave II, Materials II

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