Uploading Files Via FTP: Updated 02/09/96

You can submit to the anonymous FTP server at using the directory D:\FTP\ANON\IEEE. Please put your files in one or more compressed archive (ZIP) files and include in each archive a README.TXT file explaining the content.

Please use your paper's subdirectory number as the first three characters of the uploaded archive filenames. If your paper is in the ..\0xx subdirectory, then your filenames would follow this example:

0xxC1.ZIP for the first updated CD archive file

0xxP1.ZIP for the first updated Paper archive file

You have write and read access to D:\FTP\ANON\IEEE but no deletion. If you make a mistake or need to up load multiple archive files for the CD or Paper, increment the last number in the filename following this example:

0xxC2.ZIP for a second or updated version of the CD archive

0xxP2.ZIP for a second or updated version of the Paper archive

Send an E-Mail to Bill Marcy via CSWMM@COE1.COE.TTU.EDU when you have completed the upload. He will remove the files and update the WEB server for your review.