Links Related to the Application of Information Technologies to Engineering and Science Education

The National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS), is an online database of multimedia engineering courseware and other educational material. Originally containing courseware developed by Synthesis, a National Engineering Education Coalition, the NEEDS database is now expanding to include quality courseware nationwide.

The Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE) was established in March 1995 with a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. SCALE faculty are participating in a three-year project of restructuring undergraduate courses to integrate various techniques associated with asynchronous learning networks (ALN). The goals of this project are to create efficiencies in the educational process (cost, time, faculty productivity), to increase student retention, and to decrease time-to-degree.

The World Lecture Hall (WLH) contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.

Links to WWW pages, including multimedia textbooks, are categorized by academic discipline.

The CAEME Center, located at University of Utah, is committed to the development of software and state-of-the-art interactive multimedia lessons in engineering, science, and math education. The objectives of CAEME are to stimulate, accelerate, and organize the use of computers, computational techniques, multimedia sources, and tools to improve education.

The Integrated Media Systems Center at the University of Southern California is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center.

Examples of the Use of Web Browsers to View Conference Proceedings

For an interesting account of an early use of Web browsers to view the CD-ROM version of a conference proceedings, see:

The conference was the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) '94 held in Pasadena, CA, August 8-12, 1994.

A WWW site has been maintained after the IGARSS '94 conference at:

A CD-ROM version of the 1995 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC), held in Montreal, September 20-23, 1995, was posted on the WWW at:

A specially constructed index HTML document permits the CD-ROM, and the WWW site, to be searched according to keywords using the built-in search capabilities of WWW browsers.

The CD-ROM version of the proceedings of the 1995 Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference, held in Atlanta, November 1-4, 1995, was posted at:

Both the CD-ROM and the WWW site are searchable according to authors and sessions.

An interesting aspect of the FIE '95 CD-ROM is that some papers contain links to WWW sites that give more information about the content of the papers than is included on the CD-ROM.