A Tour of the CSM
Electronics Prototyping Facility

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  1. A Tour of the CSM Electronics Prototyping Facility
  2. Navigation/Topics Menu
  3. Introduction and Motivation for Electronics Prototyping
  4. Engineering is defined
  5. Engineers need production skills
  6. Need for EE Students
  7. Trend to Reduce Laboratory Content
  8. Educational Objectives
  9. Introduction to Quick Response Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
  10. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)
  11. Rapid Prototyping
  12. Traditional RP in Mechanical Engineering
  13. Electronics Rapid Prototyping
  14. A Student D/A System Developed Using the EPF
  15. The Electronics Prototyping Facility (EPF) at the Colorado School of Mines
  16. CSM’s Electronic Prototyping Facility (EPF)
  17. Views of the Electronics Prototyping Facility
  18. Prototyping Facility Equipment
  19. PCB Production is Key
  20. Comparisons of PCB Fabrication Methods
  21. PCB Production Methods
  22. Example of Prototype to Commercial PCB Transition
  23. Sequence of operation using EPF
  24. Time for Prototyping Laboratory Projects
  25. Specific Tools at CSM EPF (I)
  26. Specific Tools at CSM EPF (II)
  27. PCB Milling System
  28. Mill/Drill Machine for PCBs
  29. Advanced Soldering Tools
  30. EPF CAD Tools
  31. CAD Tools
  32. HDL Tools
  33. CAM Tools
  34. EPF Test/Documentation Tools
  35. Educational Implementation, Projects and Assessment
  36. Lab Projects
  37. Students Using the EPF
  38. Teaching Skills for the EPF
  39. Required Student Lab Projects
  40. More PCB Projects
  41. Assessment of EPF from Junior Year Lab
  42. Status of the CSM EPF
  43. Future Directions and Summary
  44. Developing a Computer-based Tutorial for the EPF
  45. Computer-Based Training
  46. Summary
  47. Donations and Support Acknowledgments
  1. Abstract
  2. Why an EPF
  3. Objectives
  4. About the EPF
  5. Production Steps
  6. Equipment & S/W
  7. Assessment
  8. Conclusions
  9. Vendors
  10. References
  11. Contact Information