Collection of Contributions via FTP

Authors submitted the files for their contributions via FTP. As instructed in the Instructions for Submission, contributors contacted Associate Editor William M. Marcy by e-mail when they were ready to submit. He then established a dedicated folder for that contributor on an FTP server. By return e-mail, he sent the contributors user names, passwords and detailed instructions for submitting and checking their files. Contributors were provided full control of their directory to upload and delete files, as well as to create subdirectories. Two default subdirectories were established for each contribution: ASCII and CDROM. Contributors were instructed to upload their ASCII.TXT file to the ASCII directory and their INDEX.HTM file, other HTML documents, and any other files to the CDROM directory. Authors were reminded to use relative directory references in their HTML linkages rather than absolute directory references.

The FTP server also was configured as a restricted access WWW server. After contributors uploaded their files, therefore, they could view them immediately on the WWW server with a user name and pass word that had been provided with the instructions for uploading and checking files. From the directory listing display on their browsers, they could verify their HTML document system by opening the INDEX.HTM file that they provided and checking the links to make sure that their contribution was ready for review.

Because they could access their individual folders to add and delete files and subdirectories, authors submitted revisions by the same process that they submitted their contributions originally.


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