IEEE Transactions on Education
August 1997 and November 1997 Issues

Instructions for Submission

Last Modified on December 9, 1996


Each copy of the August 1997 and November 1997 issues of the IEEE Transactions on Education will be accompanied by a CD-ROM disk readable with WWW browsers on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX machines. These issues continue experiments begun with publication of the August 1996 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Education with a CD-ROM.

Page Charges

All contributors are strongly encouraged to pay page charges for their contributions. The basic page charge is $110 per printed page in the paper part of the special issue plus a $110 CD-ROM charge per contribution. The CD-ROM charge is independent of the space occupied by the contribution on the CD-ROM. Page charges are an essential part of financing these experimental issues. If you have questions, please contact Co-Editor Marion Hagler (

Submission Deadlines

Contributions for the August 1997 issue must be submitted, via FTP, no later than February 1, 1997. Contributions for the November 1997 issue must be submitted, via FTP, no later than May 1, 1997. Authors must submit files for their contributions via FTP to facilitate prompt, paperless review.

ASCII Text and HTML Components of the Contributions

Submissions to the August 1997 and November 1997 issues of the IEEE Transactions on Education must consist of, at least, (a) one or more HTML documents, with any ancillary files, including multimedia, that will appear on the CD-ROM and (b) an ASCII text file that contains, among other items, a 200 word abstract that will appear in the printed portion of these issues.

The printed abstracts will consist of text only. No graphics or equations will appear in the abstracts.

For an introduction to some features of HTML, click here. For HTML documents, authors are strongly encouraged to use ancillary file types that can be viewed on all major platforms with typical WWW browser configurations.

Contributions that require a total of no more than 5 MB space on the CD-ROM require no special approval.

Contents and Requirements for HTML and Ancillary Files

Authors should keep in mind that contributions which demonstrate the possibilities of HTML/CD-ROM technology for creating and archiving interactive documents (and archiving software) are especially welcome. Authors are encouraged to write HTML that can be viewed on browsers with capabilities equivalent to Netscape Navigator 3.0.

Authors are strongly encouraged to use the following file formats:

Files in these formats are accessible, through typical WWW browser installations, to users of all three major platforms so that contributions in these file formats will reach the broadest possible audience.

Other file formats, such as Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format (PDF), which WWW browsers can be, but usually are not, configured to view, are acceptable. Authors who use such formats must realize, however, that many subscribers will not bother to configure their browsers to access these files and hence will be unable to view them.

Platform specific file types, including executable, software and software installation files, may also be included for distribution and archiving as part of a contribution.

All file names must comply with the ISO 9660 cross-platform standard requirements. Specifically, all file names must:

  1. consist of a combination of numbers and ALL CAPITAL letters. No special characters other than the underbar character are allowed.
  2. consist of three parts: (1) a name with no more than eight permissible characters, (2) a "." (period) and (3) a file type extension of no more than 3 permissible characters. That is, file names must follow the infamous 8.3 naming convention to be readable in the MS DOS environment. For HTML files, the file extension must be HTM.

In addition,

  1. the file with which exploration should begin must be named INDEX.HTM,
  2. the file INDEX.HTM must conform to the template file, INDEX.HTM, to achieve some uniformity in appearance,
  3. the IEEE copyright statement must appear at the very beginning of the INDEX.HTM file, and
  4. filenames in HTML hyperlinks must appear in ALL CAPS. (This requirement is necessary because UNIX environments are case sensitive.)

Finally, the names of any folders or directories must:

  1. consist of a combination of numbers and ALL CAPITAL letters. No special characters other than the underbar character are allowed, and
  2. consist of a name with no more than eight permissible characters.

Contents and Requirements for the ASCII Text File

The ASCII text file for every contribution must be named ASCII.TXT. To comply with the ISO 9660 cross-platform standard, the file name ASCII.TXT must be written as ALL CAPITALS.

The ASCII text file, ASCII.TXT, must include the following components, in the specified order.

  1. Title of the contribution. Only the initial letters are capitalized. (Do NOT use all capitals.)
  2. Author(s) of the contribution.
  3. A 200 word summary of the contribution. No equations, graphics or any other non-ASCII content is permitted.
  4. Up to 5 keywords for the contribution.
  5. Contact information for each author: name (and URL for personal home page, if any), mailing address (and URLs for relevant home pages, if any), voice phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Place an asterisk (*) before the name of the corresponding author.
  6. A biography of no more than 100 words for each author of the contribution.

Submitting your Contribution

  1. For each contribution, the ASCII.TXT file, the INDEX.HTM file, other HTML files and ancillary multimedia files, as well as other files to be archived and distributed, must be submitted by FTP.
  2. To obtain detailed instructions for submitting the files for your contribution by FTP, contact Associate Editor William M. Marcy at
  3. You must submit a copy of the IEEE Copyright Form with your contribution. The completed form can be faxed to Marion Hagler at 806-742-1245. Alternatively, you can mail the completed form to:

    Marion Hagler
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    P. O. Box 43102
    Texas Tech University
    Lubbock, TX 79409-3102


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