Paperless Review of Contributions

After contributors verified that their files were ready for review by viewing them on the restricted access WWW server, they were instructed to notify Co-Editor Marion Hagler via e-mail. He notified Associate Editor Janet Rutledge. She assigned reviewers for each contribution, contacted reviewers and collected the reviews, all via e-mail.

The reviewers were given access to the restricted access WWW so that they could view the files assigned to them for review. This process greatly improved the logistics for international reviewers and authors since time zones and delays in the mail system were not an issue. Reviewers had difficulty in viewing the files successfully only for contributions whose authors did not comply with some aspect of the Instructions for Submission.

The Co-Editor conducted a parallel review of the files for each contribution to identify omissions of information requested, problems in format, file name case variations and so forth. He sent the results of this review of the mechanics to Associate Editor Janet Rutledge, who forwarded them, with the other reviews, to the corresponding author.

Because they could access their individual folders to add and delete files and subdirectories, authors submitted revisions by the same process that they submitted their contributions originally.


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