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The Real Experiment eXecution approach to Networking courseware

Introduction to the demo


In the session recorded for our demo, the commands typed by the student are:

  • ftp
  • ftp as the login
  • fritz@ as the password
  • ls
  • quit

In this demo you can see the student commands and their generated output in a separate window, the FTP emulation window that has been implemented only for the demo purposes.

FTP Client snapshot

Before you start this demo, please read the following warnings:

  1. Detailed hypertext is available only for the TCP protocol, while is missing for DNS and FTP.

  2. The hypertext contains some macros (words starting with the dollar symbol - $) that in the real REX are dynamically expanded with actual names. For instance, $DEST would be replaced by "", that is the destination host.

Demo Startup  

If you are able to read long file names on your CDROM click here for the demo.

Otherwise you have to manually install the demo from a compressed archive: 

To run the demo you have to unpack the archive into an empty directory and open the "index.html" file with a Java capable browser.

Please note that you might experience some problems with Netscape Communicator 4.0.

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