III.  Models Developed

 The following subsections describe several models we have developed for educational purposes.  Included in this paper are models of a synchronous machine, an induction motor, a pulse-width-modulated inverter, a controlled bridge rectifier with ideal source, and an uncontrolled bridge rectifier including source inductance.  Each model can be run with the ACSL Viewer (available for Windows 3.1 with 32 bit extensions and Windows '95) and constants can be changed before or during the run, which allows a variety of studies to be conducted.  The models are explained and sample results are shown in the following subsections of this paper.

    A.  Induction motor
    B.  Synchronous machine
    C.  PWM inverter
    D.  Six-pulse bridge rectifier
 To use any of these models you will need four files per model.  Create a separate directory for each model you wish to use and then download the *.gm, *.prj, *.prx, and *.cmd files for each model (* stands for the name of the particular model.  Alternatively you may use explorer or file manager to copy the files from the CDROM into the directories you have created.

Induction motor:

Synchronous machine

PWM Inverter

Controlled Rectifier Ideal Commutation

Uncontrolled Rectifier with Commutating Inductance