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February 15, 1999  


This paper was designed to take advantage of the capabilities of advanced web browsers such as Netscape Navigator 4 and Internet Explorer 4. The sections of the paper can be accessed randomly via navigation buttons on the main page or by navigation buttons on the left side of each body page. At the bottom of each body page are arrow buttons allowing you to move through the sections sequentially, forwards or in reverse. Additionally, the animation at the bottom left of the body page is a link back the main page.

The body pages consist of three frames. At the right is the text of the body page in a scrollable window. At the left are navigation buttons. The bottom frame displays selected equations and references. Equation references and bibliographical citations are highlighted as hyperlinks in the text. When you click an equation or reference hyper link, the selected equation or bibliographical reference is displayed in the frame at the bottom of the screen.


In order to access all of the features of this paper, you must open the paper using a browser that supports Java Script. We have tested the paper using Netscape Navigator 4.08 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 on Windows 95 and Windows 98, and Netscape Navigator 4 on the Macintosh.


The authors are indebted to Krist Bender and Jennifer A. Drummond of Rice University DAC-Net for the graphic design, HTML markup, and Java Script development that went into this paper. Additional graphics assistance was provided by Kun Lu of the Rice University Mechanical Engineering Department.

We also wish to acknowledge the SPENDULAP design team that built the apparatus during the 1996 - 1997 academic year: Marco Leal, Andrea Mendez, Quinton Nixon, Christa Robbins, and Luis Fernandez.

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DAC-Net at dacnet@rice.edu

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