Paper presented at FIE'98 (Tempe, USA. November, 1998)

Using Hypermedia for Complex Technologies Education

M.D. Valdés1, M.J. Moure1, M.A. Valdés2, L. Rodríguez1 and E. Mandado1
Institute of Applied Electronics "Pedro Barrié de la Maza". Department of Electronic Technology. University of Vigo. Spain.
2 Department of Mathematics. Central University of Las Villas. Cuba.


Complex Technologies are very difficult to explain because they include a lot of related concepts comprising a large number of non-excluding or excluding subconcepts. Usually, complex technologies education is based on the analysis of specific devices of several manufacturers, but this method is not suitable because it gives only a particular insight. This situation demands a new methodology that summarizes all the characteristics of a particular technology and makes a dynamic link between the related concepts possible.

From this perspective this paper describes an original method for the characterization of complex technologies and proposes the hypermedia technique as a suitable solution for its practical implementation. The method has been applied for teaching Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), a very complex technology that constitutes one of the most dynamic areas of Microelectronics.