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Please follow this procedure for <u>all</u> award nominations: <ol> <li>The nominator should create a nomination, using the <a href="EdSocAwardNominationForm.doc" target="_blank">nomination form</A>. <li> The nominator should complete items on the <a href="EdSocAwardCoverSheet.docx" target="_blank">cover sheet</a> and send this to each person serving as a Reference. <li>The nominator is then asked to send a <a href="EdSocAwardNominationForm.doc" target="_blank">reference form</a> form to each proposed reference document writer along with a copy of the completed <a href="EdSocAwardNominationForm.doc" target="_blank">nomination form</a>. Please use WORD files. <li>The reference letter writer is asked to complete the <a href="EdSocAwardNominationForm.doc" target="_blank">reference form</a> and return it to the nominator. Please use WORD files. <li>The nominator is asked to assemble the files into a single document, convert it to PDF (if possible), and to submit two copies. One copy should go to the Awards Policy Committee Chair, Edwin C Jones, Jr (n2ecj@iastate.edu). The second copy should go to the chair of the individual award selection committee <a href="http://www.ewh.ieee.org/soc/es/escommittees.html" target="_blank">(click here to determine the contact information for the chair of the award selection committee)</a>, identified in the <a href="EdSocAwardCoverSheet.doc" target="_blank">cover sheet</a>. <li>Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged, and nominators of successful nominations will be notified at, or soon thereafter, the same time that the recipient is notified by the President of the Society. Nominators of unsuccessful nominations will be notified directly, and unsuccessful nominations will automatically be carried over for one year, though updated or additional information may be submitted. </ol> <!............................> <b>AWARD NOMINATION/REFERENCE DOCUMENTS</b> <blockquote> <li><a href="EdSocAwardCoverSheet.doc" target="_blank">Cover Sheet</a></li> <p> <li><a href="EdSocAwardNominationForm.doc" target="_blank">Nomination Form</a></li> <p> <li><a href="EdSocAwardReferenceForm.doc" target="_blank">Reference Form</a></li> </blockquote> <table border="1" cellpadding="5" width="100%" bgcolor="lightgray"> <tr> <td><center>It is the responsibility of the NOMINATOR to submit<BR>the COVER SHEET, the NOMINATION FORM,<BR>and the REFERENCE FORMS to the Awards Committee<BR>Chair, Edwin Jones Jr. (n2ecj@iastate.edu) <b>by 15 April</b>.</center></td></tr></table> <p><b>LIST OF EDUCATION SOCIETY AWARDS</b> <!........ ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.....> <a name="achieve"> <ul> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">IEEE WILLIAM E. SAYLE AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN EDUCATION</b></font> is given to a member of the IEEE Education Society to recognize significant contributions over a period of years in one of the <a href="javascript:doPopUp8()">Fields of Interest</a> of the IEEE Education Society. <blockquote> <a href="info-achievement.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures </a> <p><a href="WilliamSayle.pdf" target="_blank">Memorial for William E. Sayle</a> <p><a href="award-achievement.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.....> <a name="chap-achieve"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD</b></font> recognizes an IEEE Education Society Chapter that provides exemplary technical activities, membership services, and societal activities to its members. Selection is based on the quality and quantity of activities and programs sponsored by the chapter, demonstration of successful outreach programs, growth in chapter membership, and interaction with other organizations within its Section <blockquote> <p><a href="info-chapter-achievement.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-outstanding-chapter.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........CHAPTER LEADERSHIP AWARD.....> <a name="chap-lead"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">DISTINGUISHED CHAPTER LEADERSHIP AWARD</b></font> recognizes an IEEE Education Society member who has, over a sustained period of time, made an exceptional contribution to the Society, which has manifested itself at the Chapter level. Selection is based on leadership roles and leadership quality, which have provided an innovative, inventive, and/or important service/contribution the EdSoc's Chapter function. <blockquote> <p><a href="info-chapter-leadership.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-chapter-leader.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........DISTINGUISHED MEMBER AWARD.....> <a name="dist-member"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">DISTINGUISHED MEMBER AWARD</b></font> recognizes outstanding long-term service to the IEEE Education Society and significant contributions in an IEEE Field of Interest. Recipients must have been members of the Society for at least ten years and are selected for leadership quality, innovative and important contributions, service, dedication, and technical achievements. <blockquote> <p><a href="info-distinguished-member.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-dist-member.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........JONES MERITORIOUS AWARD.....> <a name="merit"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">EDWIN C. JONES JR. MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARD</b></font> is given to a member of the IEEE Education Society to recognize pioneering contributions to the administrative efforts of the Society over a period of years, as evidenced by dedication, effort, and contributions. <blockquote><a href="jones-bio.pdf" target="_blank">View bio-sketch of Edwin C. Jones Jr.</a> <p><a href="info-jones-meritorious.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-meritorious.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........HP RIGAS AWARD.....> <a name="rigas"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">HEWLETT-PACKARD/HARRIETT B. RIGAS AWARD</b></font> recognizes outstanding faculty women who have made significant contributions to electrical/computer engineering education through excellence in teaching, encouraging and supporting increased participation of women in electrical/computer engineering, demonstrated scholarship/research, development of educational technology which enhances student learning, and/or service to the engineering profession. The recipient must be a tenured or tenure-track woman faculty member in an ABET-accredited engineering program, with teaching and/or research specialization in electrical/computer engineering. <blockquote><a href="rigas-bio.html" target="_blank">View bio-sketch of Harriett B. Rigas</a> <p><a href="info-hp-rigas.html" target="blank"> View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-rigas.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........VAN VALKENBURG AWARD.....> <a name="vanb"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">MAC VAN VALKENBURG EARLY CAREER TEACHING AWARD</b></font> recognizes members of the IEEE Education Society who have made outstanding contributions to teaching unusually early in their professional careers, as evidenced by teaching performance, development of new teaching methods, and curricular innovation in <a href="javascript:doPopUp8()">fields of interest to the IEEE Education Society</a>. Nominations are evaluated on the basis of the candidates statement of teaching philosophy and practice, letters of support from students and peers, and student evaluations. <blockquote><a href="vanv-bio.html" target="_blank">View bio-sketch of Mac Van Valkenburg</a> <p><a href="info-vanv.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-mac-van.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........MILLMAN AWARD.....> <a name="millman"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">MCGRAW-HILL/JACOB MILLMAN AWARD</b></font> recognized an author of an exceptional textbook relating to the field of Electrical Engineering, as evaluated on excellence in writing, impact of the textbook on electrical engineering education, and innovative pedagogical features of the textbook. <b><p>This award has been decomissioned. Thus nominations are <u>not</u> being accepted for this award. The list of recipients will be maintained to recognize those who have received this important award.</b> <blockquote><a href="millman-bio.html" target="_blank">View bio-sketch of Jacob Millman</a> <p><a href="award-millman.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> <!........STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD.....> <a name="student"> <li><b><font color="#dc143c">IEEE STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD</b></font> recognizes an exceptional contribution to the Education Society by a person who was an IEEE Graduate Student Member or an IEEE Student Member at the time the exceptional contribution was made. <blockquote> <p><a href="info-student.html" target="blank">View specific award information and nomination procedures</a>. <p><a href="award-student.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> </ul> <!........BEST PAPER AWARD.....> <ul> <li><b><font color="#dc143c"><i>IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION</i> BEST PAPER AWARD</b></font> recognizes the best paper published each year in the <i>IEEE Transactions on Education</i>, as evaluated on originality, quality, advancement of the art, and effectiveness of presentation in terms of clarity of exposition and coherence. <p>The BEST PAPER AWARD process is conducted by the Editor-in-Chief and the Associate Editors; thus <b>nominations from the field are not part of the process</b>. <blockquote> <p><a href="award-transactions.html" target="_blank">View award recipients.</a> </blockquote> </ul> <!........FIE AWARD.....> <a name="fie-awards"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) Awards</font></h3><p> <p>Several awards are presented at the <a href="http://www.fie-conference.org/">FIE Conference</a>. <ul> <li>The <b>Benjamin Dasher Best Paper Award</b> is given to the best paper presented at the annual Frontiers in Education Conference, as demonstrated by technical originality, technical importance and accuracy, quality of oral presentation, and quality of the written paper appearing in the Conference Proceedings. <li>The <b>Helen Plants Award</b> is given for the best special (non-traditional) session at the FIE conference, as demonstrated by originality, session content and presentation including the use of written materials and visual aids, and participation of session attendees. <li>The <b>Ronald Schmitz Award</b> is given to recognize outstanding and continued service to engineering education through contributions to the Frontiers in Education Conference. </ul> <!........IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY TEACHING/EDUCATION AWARDS.....> <a name="cs"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Computer Society's Education/Teaching Awards</font></h3> The IEEE Computer Society offers the following awards, which all have a deadline of 15 October: <ul> <li><a href="http://www.computer.org/portal/web/awards/taylorbooth" target="_blank"><b>Taylor L. Booth Education Award</b></a> - The award nomination requires a minimum of 2 endorsements. The award consists of a bronze medal and $5,000 honorarium are awarded for an outstanding record in computer science and engineering education. <li><a href="http://www.computer.org/portal/web/awards/undergraduate" target="_blank"><b>Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award</b></a> - The award nomination requires a minimum of 3 endorsements. A certificate and $2,000 honorarium are awarded for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education through teaching and service, and for helping to maintain interest in the field and make a statement about the importance with which the IEEE Computer Society views undergraduate education.</li> </ul> <!..........ASEE AWARDS.........> <a name="cs"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">ASEE's Fredrick Emmons Terman Award</font></h3> <ul> <li><a href=" http://www.asee.org/member-resources/awards/full-list-of-awards/professional-and-technical-division-awards#Electrical_and_Computer_Engineering_Division_-_Frederick_Emmons_Terman_Award http://www.asee.org/member-resources/awards/full-list-of-awards/professional-and-technical-division-awards#Electrical_and_Computer_Engineering_Division_-_Frederick_Emmons_Terman_Award" target="_blank"><b>Fredrick Emmons Terman Award</b> (scroll down the ASEE Awards' page)</a>. &#8212; The Frederick Emmons Terman Award, which was established in 1969, is awarded by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Division of the American Association of Engineering Education (ASEE). The Terman Award is bestowed annually upon an outstanding young electrical/computer engineering educator in recognition of the educator's contributions to the profession. <p>The Terman award is sponsored by the Hewlett-Packard Company and consists of a $5,000 honorarium, a gold-plated medal, a bronze replica, a presentation scroll and reimbursement of travel expenses for the awardee to attend the ASEE Frontiers in Education Conference, where the award is presented. </li> </ul> <!.........IEEE MGA.........> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) Awards</font></h3> <p> <p>The IEEE's Membership and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) is currently accepting nominations for the following awards:<ul> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/awards/recipients/lkwilson.html" target="_blank"><b>Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award</b></a> recognizes the accomplishment judged to be the most significant and effective in fulfilling one or more of the transnational goals and objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) as related to transnational activities. The accomplishments of the candidate(s) should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to IEEE. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units; not on professional achievement.</li> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/awards/achievement.html" target="_blank"><b>Achievement Award</b></a> is to recognize individuals or a team involved with Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) and/or the Regional network for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the goals and objectives of MGA. This award is designed to recognize those substantive projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years), but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of Regional operations. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to IEEE. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units; not on professional achievement.</li> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/awards/recipients/innovation.html" target="_blank"><b>Innovation Award</b></a> is to recognize an individual or a team whose accomplishment/project is judged to be the most innovative and effective in fulfilling one or more of the goals and objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA). The accomplishments of the candidate(s) should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to IEEE. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units; not on professional achievement.</li> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/awards/recipients/awards_leadership.html" target="_blank"><b>Leadership Award</b></a> recognizes those individuals who have exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities which support the goals and objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) at the local, regional, national, and/or international level. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to IEEE. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units; not on professional achievement.</li> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/societies_communities/geo_activities/awards/recipients/gold_achievement.html" target="_blank"><b>GOLD Achievement Award</b> (Graduates of the Last Decade)</a> is to recognize those substantive projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years), but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) operations. The award will be based on a selection that recognizes individuals or teams involved with GOLD activities who are recognized for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) which are directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the GOLD goals and/or objectives. The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to GOLD. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units; not on professional achievement.</li> </ul> <!............IEEE EAB AWARDS..........> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Education Activities Board Awards</font></h3> <a href="http://www.ieee.org/education_careers/education/awards/index.html" target="_blank">IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards</a> recognize and honor individuals and companies for major contributions to engineering and technical education. <blockquote> <a href="http://www.ieee.org/education_careers/education/awards/calls_for_nominations.html" target"_blank">View a description of all EAB awards</a>. <ol> <li>Meritorious Achievement in Accreditation Activities</li> <li>Meritorious Achievement in Continuing Education</li> <li>Meritorious Achievement in Informal Education</li> <li>Pre-University Education</li> <li>Major Educational Innovation</li> <li>Meritorious Service to IEEE EAB</li> <li>Standards Education</li> <li>Employer Professional Development</li> <li>Section Professional Development</li> <li>Society / Council Professional Development</li> </ol> </blockquote> <!........IEEE EDUCATION AWARDS.....> <a name="ieee-awards"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Education Awards</font></h3> <p> <ul> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/about/awards/medals/education.html" target="_blank"><b>IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal</b></a> &#8212; was established in 1956 by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and continued by the Board of Directors of IEEE. It is through this medal that IEEE recognizes the importance of the educator's contributions to the vitality, imagination, and leadership of the members of the engineering profession.</li> <p> <li><a href="http://www.ieee.org/about/awards/tfas/undergrad.html " target="_blank"><b>IEEE Undergraduate Teaching Award</b></a> &#8212; was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in 1990 to honor teachers of electrical and electronics engineering and the related disciplines. This IEEE award is sponsored by the IEEE Education Society</li> </ul> </blockquote> <!...... FELLOW AWARD......> <a name=fellow> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Fellow Award</font></h3> <table border=3 cellspacing=1 cellpadding=5> <tr> <td valign=top bgcolor="#dcdcdc"></b>The deadline for submission of all materials to the IEEE Fellows Committee is <b>March 1st</b> annually. This is a 100% <b>firm</b> deadline! <p>Go the the <a href="http://www.ieee.org/fellows" target="_blank"><b>IEEE Fellows Web page</b></a> for details in regard to this program.</td></tr> <tr> <td valign=top bgcolor="#afeeee">The Education Society (EdSoc) has a Fellows Committee. However the EdSoc's Fellows Committee does <u>not</u> nominate individuals for the IEEE Fellow award. The <u>sole</u> purpose of this committee is to receive, review and evaluate the nomination packets it receives from the IEEE Fellows Committee.</td></tr> <tr><td valign=top bgcolor="#f5f5f5"> <p><b><font face="arial" color="#f80000">However</b></font>: While the Society itself does not make nominations, many Education Society Fellows are more than willing to provide references and/or make nominations for deserving individuals. The hyperlinks below provide a listing of Education Society Fellows along with their email address (if they have made it available). Many of these Fellows will be willing to support a nomination, and, many may not. Finding Fellows that will support a Fellow-candidates nomination is a great deal of hard work! <ul> <li><a href="Fellows-list.pdf" target="_blank">List of Fellows in the Education Society in a PDF.</a></li> </ul> <p> <b><font face="arial" color="#f80000">Start the process</b></font>: Given the March 1st deadline and speaking from experience, it is highly recommended that this process be started in early November; given the various requirements, four months is a safe time frame assuming that a nominator works diligently. <p><u>Very important</u>: it is critical that your Fellow nomination and your references document what the <b>IMPACT</b> of your work has been! <p>Go the the <a href="http://www.ieee.org/fellows" target="_blank"><b>IEEE Fellows Web page</b></a> for details in regard to this program. </td></tr> </table> <!.................SENIOR MEMBER...........> <a name="sm"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Senior Member Program</font></h3> <p>Are You A Senior Member? <p>"And why not? Many members do not understand the requirements for and benefits of becoming a Senior Member. Contrary to popular opinion, a Nobel Prize in Physics, 40 years of experience, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering are <I>not</I> prerequisites for becoming a Senior Member! Senior Membership confers benefits not only on the member but on his Section as well... <A HREF="http://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/md/smelev.htm" target="_blank"> apply now</A>! For details on becoming a SENIOR MEMBER, visit the <A HREF="http://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/md/smprogram.html" target="_blank">IEEE Senior Member Program</A> page." (Connecticut IEEE Section's home page, 2003). <p>If you qualify to be a Senior Member but your membership grade is 'Associate' you can upgrade that quite easily. Refer to the section just below.</p> <a name="member"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">IEEE Member Grade</font></h3> Take a look on your IEEE membership card. Under your name is your membership grade. If it says <b>ASSOCIATE</b> then you should consider upgrading to become a <b>MEMBER</b>. There is no cost for this action. <p>To get this done <a href="http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/grade_elevation.html" target="_blank">click here for the IEEE self-upgrade web page</a>. <br><br> <a name="committee"> <h3><img src="yellow.gif">&nbsp;<font face="arial bold">Education Society Awards Committee</font></h3> <p> For a complete listing of the members of the Awards Committee <a href="esacommittees.html" target="_blank">click here</a>. </font> <br> <br> </font></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <!-- Begin Web-Stat code --> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- var page_name = 'awards'; var invisible = 'yes'; var framed = 'no'; var ui='reilly';function sE(){return true;}window.onError=sE; function clr(){document.ct.src="";} var url='http://www.web-stat.com/';var base=document; if(framed=='yes'){base=top.document;}var rn=Math.random(); var al='Web-Stat hit counters';var qry=ui+'::'+escape(base.referrer) +'::'+screen.width+'x'+screen.height+'::'+screen.colorDepth+'::' +escape(page_name)+'::'+invisible+'::'+rn+"::"+escape(base.URL); document.write('<a href="'+url+'stats.shtml?'+ui+'" tar'); document.write('get="new"><img name="ct" border=0 src="'); document.write(url+'count.cgi?'+qry+'" onAbort="clr();"'); document.write(' onError="clr();" alt="'+al+'"><\/a>'); //--> </script><noscript> </noscript> <!-- End Web-Stat code --> </body> </html>