Discussion & Closures for Conference and Transactions Papers

Written Discussions and Closures of IAS technical papers are strongly encouraged by the Society. Discussions should be limited to 1500 words, or the equivalent if figures are part of the Discussion. Discussions covering material of two or more papers are unacceptable, except in cases where the papers being discussed are parts of a symposium.

Discussions of conference papers rarely are available in time to be included in the Conference Record containing the discussed paper. However, such simultaneous publication of the paper, its Discussion, and even a Closure by the paper's author sometimes can be prearranged by the conference Session Organizer when the topic being covered, and probable interest of the industry therein, warrants such actions. All other written Discussions should be sent to the Session Chairman of the conference where the paper was presented within three weeks following presentation of the discussed paper. The Session Chairman will then send the Discussion to the author of the paper discussed with a request that he prepare a Closure to the Discussion to be returned to the Session Chairman within three weeks. The Discussion and Closure will be published with the paper in the TRANSACTIONS, if the conference paper itself is approved for TRANSACTIONS publication.

Discussions and Closures of TRANSACTIONS papers will be published in the same issue as the discussed paper whenever it is practical to do so. When simultaneous publication is not possible, Discussions and Closures will be published in the next available issue, as dated by their receipt by the TRANSACTIONS Editor. A Discussion should be sent by its author to the TRANSACTIONS Editor within three weeks (at latest) of the discussed paper's appearance in the TRANSACTIONS. The Closure to a Discussion should be sent to the Editor by the discussed paper's author within three weeks following that author's receipt of the Discussion from the Editor.

For the name and mailing address of the TRANSACTIONS Editor, refer to the back cover of any recent issue of the TRANSACTIONS.

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