General Information on IAS Papers

All papers submitted to the Industry Applications Society (IAS) are treated as equally as possible in deciding their suitability for conference presentation and for publication in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS or the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine. The subject matter of an IAS paper must be within the scope of the Society and within the scope of one of the Society's Technical Committees. Papers may cover any technical information that is significant or helpful to the electrical and/or electronics industry. Papers within the scope of the Society are submitted directly to, or are referred to, the Technical Committee (TC) the scope of which best matches the subject of the paper. A paper accepted by a TC of the IAS for conference presentation will then be scheduled for a particular conference session of that TC. A Conference paper will be reviewed for TRANSACTIONS publication only if the paper was actually presented by the author or a prearranged substitute.

Authors of presented Conference papers who wish their paper be reviewed for possible publication in the IAS TRANSACTIONS, or for the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, should make sure that their Conference Session Organizer, or designated Technical Committee official, knows of their desire to have their paper so reviewed, and that the specified number of copies are given or sent to the designated Technical Committee official for such review. Otherwise, presented Conference papers may not be reviewed. Conference Session Organizers should make certain that they inform all Authors of presented papers at their session of the requirements for number of copies needed and if specific requests must be made by each Author to that Session Organizer, or other Technical Committee official, that their paper be entered into the review process for IAS TRANSACTIONS or for the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine. Some of those papers so reviewed and finally selected for TRANSACTIONS publication may be returned to the author(s) for revision and/or condensation. Authors must comply with all additional requirements of the TRANSACTIONS review process in order to have their papers published in the TRANSACTIONS. Papers with limited non-archival subject matter will be rejected as TRANSACTIONS papers.

For conferences cosponsored by IAS in association with other IEEE or non-IEEE entities, papers may be selected for presentation by a reviewing group other than an IAS TC, even though IAS TC members will be part of the review process. In these cases, if review for publication in IAS TRANSACTIONS or the Industry Applications Magazine is desired, it is the Author's responsibility to submit the paper for review. The paper may be sent directly to the proper TC, or it may be sent to the Editor of TRANSACTIONS for forwarding.

Technical articles for the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine may come from some of the papers presented at IAS Conferences, or from Conferences sponsored by a Technical Committee of IAS, or such articles may be directly solicited by the Editor-in-Chief, or directly contributed by their authors to the Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine. For more information concerning technical articles used for the Magazine, see The Industry Applications Magazine.

The IAS encourages technical dialogue by accepting the comments of readers and by urging authors to respond to these comments. This exchange usually takes the form of published Discussions and Closures. These usually appear in the TRANSACTIONS, but sometimes can be prearranged for publication in the Conference Records. Comments of readers for articles in the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine may be printed in it as a Letter to the Editor. See Discussions and Closures for Conference and Transactions Papers for additional information.

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