Switchgear Committee

Our Scope

The scope of the Committee describes the technical responsibilities of the Main Committee and of its Subcommittees. Subcommittees, in addition to their technical responsibilities, have direct responsibility for remaining cognizant of social implications, the environment, esthetics, increased employment, and other matters as related to the practice of electrical engineering.

  1. Treatment of matters in which the dominant factors are the design, construction and operation of devices or assembled gear to establish (make), interrupt, or change connections in any electric circuit under normal or abnormal condition, including treatment of the following:

        *  Automatic reclosers and sectionalizers
        *  Current limiting devices
        *  Fuses and cutouts
        *  Gas-insulated switchgear
        *  Insulation, insulators and hardware for switchgear
        *  Metal-enclosed buses and all buses included in switchgear assemblies
        *  Power circuit breakers,
        *  Switches, including pad-mounted switches
        *  Switchgear assemblies
        *  Switchgear devices

  2. Sponsorship and development (either alone or jointly with other technical committees and/or organizations) of standards, recommended practices, guidelines and policies as well as preparation of position papers and/or documents, technical conferences and/or sessions on matters related to items within the Scope above.

  3. Liaison and cooperation with other technical committees, societies, groups and associations concerned with various aspects of items within the Scope above.



Paul Sullivan


Vice Chair

Todd Irwin

GE Grid Solutions

Secretary/ Treasurer

Keith Flowers

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Immediate Past Chair

Ted Olsen

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Standards Coordinator

Michael Wactor

Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.
Technical Committee Program Coordinator

Alex Lizardo


Meetings Coordinator

John C. Webb



Jeremy Hensberger

Mitsubishi EPP, Inc.


Jeff Mizener

Siemens Industry, Inc.

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Getting Involved

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