Switchgear Committee Spring 2018 Meeting

Welcome to our Fall 2018 Meeting!


October 14 - 18, 2018


Marriott Downtown, Kansas City, MO

Marriott Downtown




Sunday Evening Reception: Meet first-timers and greet your colleagues again. Remember: Companions - free!

Monday Lunch Training Session:  IEEE MS Word Template for Standards Development (the target audience is working group officers but all interested parties can attend, a box lunch will be available)

Tuesday Breakfast Presentation: 

Tuesday Luncheon: Utility-grid Intertied Photovoltaic Systems
Synopsis: This presentation will provide a good understanding of how the grid and solar works together. An overview of photovoltaics, inverters, "micro-grids", storage (batteries), wind, and others. The many safety features in the systems and how solar energy systems react in the event of a grid failure.
Presented by: Dan Lepinski, P.E. Mr. Lepinski is an Internationally Recognized Professional Solar Consultant and Design Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in solar and renewable energy. He has a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University and is an advisor for the Texas Solar Energy Society. He is one of the two engineers selected by United States Department of Energy National BCAP Project to train architects, engineers, Code officials, and others, covering the design and implementation of solar energy systems into new buildings. His expertise includes electrical power; grid-tied and stand-alone systems; advanced photovoltaics (residential to multi-megawatt utility scale); battery systems; data acquisition; embedded software; and energy efficiency. He is a Voting Member, Underwriters Laboratories UL 1741 Standards Technical Panel and a member of the IEEE 1547 Standards Development Committee.

Wednesday Evening Social:  Dinner buffet at the National WW1 Museum and Memorial

Thursday Presentation: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions from Electric Power Equipment through use of Sustainable Alternatives to SF6
Synopsis: The electric power industry faces a challenge with so much of the equipment operating on the grid today insulated with sulfur hexafluoride, SF6. While an effective dielectric gas, SF6 is also the most potent greenhouse gas identified to date. As a result, electric power utilities are often tasked with reporting and reducing SF6 emissions. The industry has made progress in reducing the rate of emissions. However, the most significant emission reductions won't occur until alternatives to SF6 are implemented. Though the search for alternatives stretched on for more than two decades, environmentally sustainable solutions are now available for some of the applications which have traditionally used SF6. This presentation will review these recently-developed, gaseous dielectric compounds. These materials have significantly lower global warming potentials with the capability of substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions from gas-insulated power equipment.
Presented by: John Owens
Mr. Owens has worked for the 3M Company for thirty four years in research and product development capacities and is currently a lead research specialist in the 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division in St. Paul, Minnesota. His work has focused on developing sustainable alternatives to ozone-depleting and high global warming potential compounds. Most recently, this has included the development of alternatives to SF6 for insulating gas applications.
As usual, the presentation will be from 11:30am to 3:30pm and a box lunch will be available for pre-order.

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Greater Kansas City area has many "must see and do" things to offer when visiting, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Click here for the Visit KC, where you can find ideas and inspiration to experience the best of the region. It's full of things to do/see/eat to distract you from our meetings.
Travel+Leisure Magazine refers to Kansas City as "City of Fountains" in their online travel guide.
The travel site The Crazy Tourist lists the 25 Best Things to Do in Kansas City (Missouri) and the number one is where our Wednesday Social will be held.


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