Switchgear Minutes

Submittal of Minutes

To all who are submitting Minutes and any other documents for posting on the Switchgear Committee Web Page:

  1. All Minutes must be submitted to the Secretary of the Committee (not to the Webmaster) within 2 weeks of the meeting.
  2. Rules for the Minutes on the Web, File Formats, and File Name Conventions (PDF, Revised June 2015)
  3. Guide for embedding hyperlinks in minutes and other documents [MS Word Version] or  [PDF Version]

Approval of Minutes

Minutes are considered approved when they are posted to this website. Any suggested corrections to minutes should be submitted to the group responsible for the minutes that may need the modification. Suggested corrections must be submitted before the next group physical meeting or one (1) year from date of group disbanding whichever arrives first.

Archives of the Switchgear Committee Meetings:

Updated: April 23, 2018