Switchgear Subcommittees

The Switchgear Committee has eight subcommittees. Of those nine subcommittees, seven produce switchgear standards. Below you will find the name and scope of each subcommittee as well as links to their individual pages.


Plan and coordinate the activities of the subcommittees and obtain general uniformity in standards.

Education, Recognition, & Publication

Promote switchgear education, technical tutorials and presentations. Provide recognition of significant achievements in the switchgear field at the IEEE, PES, and Switchgear Committee levels. Encourage writing of, coordinate review of, and assist in gaining approval to present and publish, technical papers. Coordinate with other technical committees, groups, societies, and associations as required. Develop, maintain, and update the Switchgear Committee Web site.

High Voltage Circuit Breakers

Treatment of all matters relating to high voltage power circuit breakers (above 1000 Volts AC and 3200 Volts DC).

High Voltage Fuses

Treatment of all matters relating to fuses above 1000 Volts AC.

High Voltage Switches

Treatment of all matters relating to indoor and outdoor switches and interrupters rated above 1000 V ac and 3200 V dc except for the following devices:

    a. Distribution cutouts.

    b. Switches used in metal-enclosed and pad-mounted switchgear.

    c. Separable insulated connectors.

    d. Circuit-breakers, circuit-switchers, sectionalizers and reclosers.

    e. Gas-insulated switchgear.

    f. Capacitor switches.

    g. Switches rated 38 kV ac and below used on distribution systems except air insulated overhead applications.

    h. Fuses equipped with integral switches.

Low Voltage Switchgear Devices

Treatment of all matters relating to low voltage devices (1000 volts ac nominal and below, 3200 volts dc and below), such as low voltage power circuit breakers, fusible switching devices, and other low voltage power switching devices, except molded case circuit breakers and network protectors, for use in switchgear assemblies or in individual enclosures for separate mounting.

Reclosers and Other Distribution Equipment

Treatment of all matters relating to distribution switching and overcurrent protective equipment, including reclosers, sectionalizers, fault interrupters, capacitor switches, pad-mounted gear, and submersible gear; except for high voltage fuses and high voltage overhead air switches.

Switchgear Assemblies

Treatment of all matters relating to Switchgear Assemblies.

Technology & Innovation

Treatment of all matters relating to new Technologies and Innovations applicable to the Scope of the Switchgear Committee.

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Updated: July 5, 2018